Milton Rivadeneira

Enough of the “Creole liveliness”, Castillo was born in Tumac, Colombia, he announced it himself in the video, and the “judge” ordered him to register as “born in Ecuador”; What a disgrace to the justice system. (OR)

Holger Iñiguez

In case of controversy, the investigation must be carried out at home, with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs monitoring the case, because the image of the country will be at stake before the registration of players with doubts about nationality and must not be supported by what is ordered or confirmed by a judge about the validity of the document. The FEF must rely on qualified experts on these issues, not journalists who cloud common sense and reason with their fanaticism. (OR)

Manuel Navarrete Z.

Every crime must be punished. In Castillo’s case, he has already been sanctioned and paid for his guilt before society. But since Ecuador is a country, they overestimated this issue. Maradona scored a goal with his hand; the Chilean Rojas was injured; Paraguay’s Olimpia robbed Barcelona of the Copa Libertadores title; The French soccer team consists of a few Africans… but since it’s Ecuador, all the weight of the law falls on him. (ON)

Miguel Avalos

We must not be naive, it is not the first time; We have many, many examples of leaders, national team members and players who change names, dates of birth and foreigners on both sides of the border, this should lead us to strengthen controls but with proven people who are not spies for the benefit of third parties, not to trust judges who manipulate on their way with the desire to gain economic benefit, and they leave the state almost in the trash can, because we are not serious, honest, ethical and moral. Unfortunately, Ecuador is plagued by corruption, everywhere you look or walk, unfortunately with the bad example they give us from the highest levels of government. For God’s sake, let’s do something to combat all kinds of corruption, wherever it comes from. Let’s choose an honest government, which presents a judicial past and willingness to serve others. This policy is not the politics of those who were elected for dishonorable purposes. (OR)