After the celebration of the religious wedding in Cuenca, led by the Ecuadorian singer and pastor Gerardo Mejía, The AU-D singer and his wife Gisella Flores were surprised when they returned to land after the 6.6 magnitude earthquake that hit the coast of Ecuador this Saturday, March 18th.

Couple It left Cuenza this Saturday morning at 11:00, but it was only after 17:00 that they managed to reach Guayaquil.

“Shivering caught us as we descended from Boxes. In addition to the landslides that were already there, a lot of microslides and a lot of rocks, rocks, rocks, giant rocks formed along the way. So if you go down, I warn you it’s closed“, the translator recounted Lemon cream.

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The artist commented on this near reaching Naranjal they had to turn to take the road through Azoguesbut thanks to the residents in Montaña Hierbabuena area managed to find a local road.

To all our friends who wrote to us a lot wanting to know something about us, we are fine“, reported a man from Guayaquil.

Wherever you are, I hope you and your families are well after the scare, hugs,” wrote.

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