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With a delay in the formation of boards, electoral day began in Ambato

With a delay in the formation of boards, electoral day began in Ambato


In some electoral precincts of Tungurahua, the polling stations did not open at 07:00, which caused some discomfort in the people who arrived early to fulfill the suffrage in the electoral process this Sunday, February 5.

“We come early because we have to do some activities like a trip to Riobamba, but we find that the meeting where I have to vote has not yet opened. I arrived before 7:00 a.m. and I have not been able to vacate,” said Andrea Acurio, at the meeting of the Ambato Educational Unit.

“It’s a bit annoying that it didn’t start at 07:00, because they come early to get out quickly,” said Rosita Guanoluisa, who said she is a taxi driver and that for that reason she hoped to fulfill her civic duty soon.

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Melisa Rodríguez, table coordinator at the Ambato educational unit, acknowledged that the people who arrived early showed annoyance by not opening the meetings at 07:00, for which she asked for patience.

He said that it could not be opened because some members of the boards did not arrive on time and it took them a few minutes to form them to begin receiving the vote.

AMBATO, Tungurahua. The voters came early, but not all the tables were set up early. Photo: Wilson Pinto.
Photo: The Universe

For his part, Brigadier General Fernando Lanas, delegated by the head of the Joint Command to supervise the process in Tungurahua, said that at the beginning of the process there was nothing new, that the electoral material was taken to all the precincts of the province no hiccups.

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He commented that 1,000 military personnel were distributed throughout the province, controlling that everything develops normally inside the precincts and also in the custody of all electoral material, as well as elements of reaction forces to be able to attend in case of present some contingent.

He was pleased that the people had arrived at the polling stations before 07:00, where little by little the boards were formed to receive the votes. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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