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A color that needs to be matured. It rejuvenates and brightens – ladies 50+ love it. It’s going to be a hit this spring

These colors will rule the spring, and no one looks as spectacular in them as mature women. An enthusiast of every style will surely find the right way to stylize them, because they can look both delicate and eye-catching!


Trends for women 50+. Rose is back!

Have you ever heard the phrase “you need to mature to pink”? We sign it with both hands, and mature women are more and more willing to prove it.
Pink, elegant and feminine at the same time, beautifully illuminates the face, suits any complexion, and also catches the eye. Needless to say, it will be perfect for spring, right?

Green is by no means bottled! In the spring, we choose a much more vibrant shade

The fashion for green is nothing new, it has been a sensation for at least one season, especially in combination with the equally fashionable cobalt. However, we have the impression that it is still highly underestimated in Poland. And early spring is a great time to wear “grassy green”. It is intense, distinctive and will look great as a single color accent or in combination with other expressive colors. We like him the most in such duets:

  • grassy green and orange
  • green and cobalt
  • green and… pink!

Blue – delicate and feminine. Perfect for women 50+

It is also a great proposition for the upcoming spring-summer season blue. Much more subtle than the two previous proposals, it will be great if you want to create a subdued look, but in a slightly more fashionable version. The delicate, elegant shade of blue is perfect for mature women and beautifully emphasizes every beauty.


Source: Gazeta


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