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“Our new home”.  Katarzyna Dowbor reveals the backstage of the show and reveals how long the renovation lasts.  “It’s such a standard”

“Our new home”. Katarzyna Dowbor reveals the backstage of the show and reveals how long the renovation lasts. “It’s such a standard”

Since 2013, the program has enjoyed unflagging popularity among viewers. The team of the show carries out renovations of residential buildings of such families who live in extreme conditions, but do not have the funds to improve their living conditions on their own. The idea is to do all the work in just 5 days. Is it possible? The hostess of the program, Katarzyna Dowbor, told us about the backstage of the production.

The team of the “Our new home” program is carrying out thorough renovations. They only have 5 days to complete the work

It is not uncommon for families who apply to participate in the program to live in deplorable conditions, and the construction team has to carry out a thorough renovation of the entire building, introducing, among others, design changes. According to the rules of the show, builders have only 5 days to complete all the work. After this time, program participants should receive the keys to their apartment. Katarzyna Dowbor revealed how much time the team really needs to introduce all the necessary changes and bring the building to its proper condition.

Katarzyna Dowbor revealed the backstage of the “Our New Home” program. The renovation team often works even around the clock

gave an interview to the Pomponik portal, in which she talked about the challenges faced by the renovation team of the “Our New Home” program. The host admitted that although the works are usually extensive and include many stages, everyone makes every effort to complete the renovation in the allotted time. However, for this to succeed, professionals work around the clock. — If the work goes reasonably well, after 10-12 hours the crew goes to sleep. If there is a need, some of the guys stay and do the finishing touches, you have to knock down a peg here, hang a picture here. They don’t sleep at all, they come home only in the morning. 12 hours is such a standard, but there are also 15 – backstage host.

Dowbor stressed that carrying out a renovation that will satisfy the participants of the program is a priority for everyone who takes part in this project. — These 5 days are a time of great tension for the construction team, but also for the film crew. We are divided into two teams. One team works with me, but there is also a so-called two who are with the renovation team all the time. We really spend more time with each other on the set than with our families – stated the hostess of the renovation reality show.

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