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For the fourth time, the Police detain a 17-year-old teenager who threatens and shoots against commercial premises in the northwest of Guayaquil

A 17-year-old teenager who has been detained three times was once again apprehended by police officers in the Nueva Prosperina sector, in the northwest of Guayaquil.

Christian Mayorga, head of the Nueva Prosperina district, indicated that, in addition to the preventive rounds, they are deployed to catch individuals who intimidate citizens, fire shots at businesses and then collect the money they demand from business representatives.

Under this premise, the 17-year-old minor, identified as Justin C., was captured as a suspect in this kind of practice that has become recurrent in some sectors, mainly in the northwest of the city.

Mayorga revealed that this is the fourth time that the adolescent has been apprehended.

According to the police chief, despite the previous apprehensions, this subject takes advantage of two situations (a disability in his arm and that he is a minor) to come out with alternative measures and continue on the streets.

“This causes justice to consider him a vulnerable person, but for society he is an extremely dangerous person… being a minor he has preferred these paths…”, the police chief told RTS.

For now, the police officers will place the adolescent under the orders of justice officials, pending a favorable resolution in the flagrante delicto hearing.

Mayorga predicted that instead of prevailing “the condition of disability” the “dangerousness” of the individual should be taken into account so that they remain in pretrial detention.

Minutes before the apprehension, this subject was threatening his ex-partner with a firearm to snatch a minor from him, police officers indicated.

Tonight, in the Carolinas sector, in Mount Sinai, two individuals staged the attack on a man who had come to visit relatives, in the company of his partner. The victim died from gunshot wounds.

After an operation, the Police detained the two suspects and also retained two motorcycles.

Recent case of attack on pharmacy owner and another case of extortion

The night of the previous Friday, in the Las Cañas sector of Nueva Prosperina, an antisocial approached a pharmacy and shot the owner of the business.

According to police investigations, this person would have threatened to ask for money in an extortion manner.

Last Sunday, a local supermarket was attacked by a bullet by a subject in the entrance sector of line 21, on the Perimetral road. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso


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