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She was supposed to become a politician, today she makes films for adults. Its employees are entitled to an unusual break

Born in Stockholm, Erika Hallqvist was originally intended to become a politician. However, since childhood, she was interested in cinema. Instead of film school, she chose political science studies, specializing in human rights and feminism. Five years after graduating from high school, she shot her first production for adults, which immediately became famous. Today, the 46-year-old is a true icon of the adult industry, famous for ethical films.

Her productions are extremely different from “traditional” films. The woman is the most important in them

From the beginning, Erika’s films differed from the solutions known in the industry. Women and their pleasure were in the foreground. The director showed sex in her productions that was very close to reality. Moreover, none of the actors or actresses had to fake orgasms or hyperbolize their experiences. On the sets managed by Lust, the most important thing was the atmosphere in which employees could feel good. If any element did not suit the subordinates, they could say stop at any time.

The differences don’t end with the movies. Her employees have a special masturbation break

Erika Lust repeatedly emphasizes the importance of a good atmosphere. For this reason, she ordered a 30-minute masturbation break for each of her subordinates, even those working from home. For those employed in the office there is a special room where they can “de-stress”. – It’s good to see the relaxed faces of teammates returning to work after their sessions. – in one of the interviews – Masturbation is the perfect remedy for a stressful day at work – she concluded.

Source: Gazeta


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