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Metro de Quito needs a circulation permit from the Ministry of Mobility to operate since March

Metro de Quito needs a circulation permit from the Ministry of Mobility to operate since March

The Ministry of Mobility has less than two months to issue a regulation that regulates and allows the circulation of the Quito Metro, as a mode of public transport in the capital of the Republic.

The Quito Metro, with the problems that it has presented in the system for scheduling free trips and with the date of the start of commercial operations getting closer every day, needs this circulation permit, like all public transport units.

The most expensive project in the history of the capital plans to start the paid trips in the first days of March of the current year.

Roberto Custode, Metro operations manager, argued that the system is not the same as that of a bus, therefore, he said, it does not have to comply with the same obligations, since this is a unique service in the country, and the law does not establish regulations specific,

“What the national legislation says is not clear regarding the meters, there are ambiguities. The Comprehensive Organic Criminal Code (COIP), for example, establishes regulations for transit, but a subway does not transit, because the road is exclusive, ”he argued.

One week late in date to make familiarization trips in the Quito Metro

In addition, he reported that they have held meetings with the Metropolitan Transit Agency (AMT), the Ministry of Mobility and the advice of José Carles Teres, an international specialist in rail transport.

He said that they are working on a specific regulation for the Metropolitan District of Quito (DMQ) issued by the Ministry of Mobility.

This is due to the fact that this municipal instance, according to resolution 006-2012 of the National Competence Council, is autonomous in public transport regulations.

He also argued that it is already advanced, that the Ministry of Mobility must issue the regulations before commercial operations begin, that is, the first days of March.

The National Transit Agency (ANT) was consulted, and indeed, they indicated that they have no competence on the subject.

The operator of the Quito Metro will be able to select among 244 technicians graduated in Ecuador, personnel for the project

So then, the Metro, which has not yet managed to start its free trips as part of the second phase so that citizens are aware of the project, must have said document to circulate. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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