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The Winds of the Hemispheres Flute Orchestra will offer a free concert this March 20

The Winds of the Hemispheres Flute Orchestra will offer a free concert this March 20

talented seven flutists from Portoviejo, Ambato, Otavalo, Loja, Cuenca, Quito and Guayaquil get together in the Flute Orchestra Winds of the Hemispheres to give a presentation as part of the Pearl of the Pacific International Flutist Festival.

the recital at no cost to the public will be performed at noon this Sunday March 20 in the Heritage Hall (former Stock Exchange building), located on Avenida October 9 and Pichincha. The presentation is part of a tour of presentations planned in Ecuadorian territory.

The event is directed by the teacher Leonardo Leon Chaug. “Winds of the Hemispheres is an artistic project that pays homage to our identity and our culturemerging the notes of the Ecuadorian music with talented flute playerson a nationwide concert tour,” he commented.

“This tour foresees spread and present not only traditional Ecuadorian music, but also those works of new and talented Ecuadorian musicians that deserve to be recognized”.

Leonardo Cardenas (Loja), whose academic works for choir, symphonic and chamber music have been premiered in North America, Latin America and Europeis one of the invited composers.

“The Winds of the Hemispheres project will be a enriching experience for young and expert musicians summoned and it is the opportune moment to present the creative thought and contribution of Ecuadorian composers, as well new sound possibilities, through the interpretation and dissemination of their works”.

Other composers invited to the meeting are Juan Carlos Urrutia and Blanca Layana Gomez.

Source: Eluniverso

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