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Possible second Karol G concert in Guayaquil announced before total ticket sales

Possible second Karol G concert in Guayaquil announced before total ticket sales

the expected concert Bichota Tour Reloaded/Recargadoby Colombian artist Karol G, which will take place on June 3, quickly became sold out (total sale) in just eight hours. Tickets were available from 00:00 today through the Ticketshow website, and by the early hours of the morning it had already sold out all its seats.

Giovanna Guarna, CEO of Artist Grup, an agency that works in the music industry in Ecuador, said that it has been crazy: “We did not expect it. Tickets went on sale at midnight yesterday, and at half past six in the morning they were partially sold out; but, already at eight in the morning today, they told me from the ticket office (Ticketshow) that absolutely everything was sold”.

Karol G in Ecuador: These are the ticket prices in Guayaquil to enjoy the concert “Bichota Tour Recargado”

The total number of tickets sold was 8,000 and the prices established were:

  • Mommy Box: $251.50
  • Bug: $176.50
  • Tusa: $121.50
  • Makino: $76.50
  • Grandstand: $46.50

The artist will perform on June 2 at the Rumiñahui Coliseum (Quito) and on June 3 at the Voltaire Paladines Polo Coliseum (Guayaquil).

Guarna said that this total sale of tickets in Guayaquil was communicated to Karol G and that the artist “is happy.”

Blue Point Entertainment, the organizing company, announced that it would soon give a surprise to Guayaquil, something that Guarna commented: “We do not want to leave people without seeing Karol G. So, there is the possibility that a second presentation will be opened. We are talking with the organizers to move to a bigger stage or open a second date. This place would be in the Alberto Spencer Model Stadium. This is because they have told us that many people have run out of tickets and, from what I understand, there was a waiting list at the time of purchase of around 6,000 more people”.

“For the Karol G concert in Guayaquil we are with the capacity that they authorized us, which for that date would be 100%, but it will be done with 90% capacity,” Guarna recalled.

The tentative date for Karol G’s second presentation in Guayaquil is something that both Artist Grup and Blue Point Entertainment businessmen are discussing. “Because she is full in their presentations. In fact, she will appear the day before in Quito; after Guayaquil, the artist travels to Lima. So, we are in talks to get an answer of what we are going to do”, explains Guarna.

Pre-sale of tickets for the concert in Quito starts from next Saturday, March 19. Tickets will cost between $45 and $275. Four locations have been set up for this presentation: general ($45), preference ($85), seats ($198) and Bichota Box ($275).

Source: Eluniverso

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