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It is possible to eliminate the time change in Poland.  Will it reduce the risk of heart attacks and the number of road accidents?

It is possible to eliminate the time change in Poland. Will it reduce the risk of heart attacks and the number of road accidents?

Research conducted by CBOS in 2019 at the request of the Ministry of Technology and Entrepreneurship showed that almost. Poles would like to stay at one time, preferably in summer. Although work on this issue has been initiated at the EU forum, unfortunately the coronavirus pandemic has pushed it to the background. And this means that at least until the end of 2026, we will still have to change clocks, unless one of the two bills recently introduced to the Sejm is introduced earlier.

When do we rearrange watches 2022? Daylight saving time will begin soon

We always change the summer time on the last weekend of March. So this year it will fall on the night of Saturday 26 March to Sunday 27 March. We will then switch the watches from 2:00 to 3:00.

Eliminating the time shift in Poland. The first draft was submitted to the Sejm in September 2021

Exactly on September 24, the draft of the Polish Coalition represented by MP Marek Sawicki will be submitted to the Sejm. According to it, 7 days after the announcement of the act in Poland, the binding time would become summer. KP your project as follows:

Changing the time twice each year now finds neither social nor economic justification. (…) Scientists believe that manipulating time causes a severe ‘time shock’, having a very negative effect on mental and physical health of people and causes many diseases. According to the report entitled ‘Bad Change’ after changing the time, there is a greater risk of heart attacks, an increase in road accidents, and disturbances in sleep, well-being and mood.

On September 29, 2021, the draft was sent back to the applicants’ representative to supplement the justification. So far, no further work has been done on it.

Time change in Poland. The Confederation also presented its proposal

A little over a week later, another draft on this was submitted. This time he stayed by 18 MPs from KO, Lewica, Konfederacja and PiS. The representative of the applicants is Janusz Korwin-Mikke. They demand that the Central European Time, i.e. the so-called winter. is much shorter than in the case of the KP project:

Summer time was introduced in Poland by Adolf Hitler, then the PZPR, then the European Union. The EU has already recognized that this was a mistake and has allowed its Members to put up with this quirk. Return to normal time and never experiment with humans again. At the same time, the idea of ​​introducing permanent summer time (which is allowed by the EU) – which would take an hour of sleep every day in winter, especially for children, should be strongly rejected.

The representatives of the applicants were asked on October 13 to supplement the statement of reasons. In this case as well, no further steps have been taken so far.

Source: Gazeta

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