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When to prune the roses?  You must do this in a timely manner so as not to damage your plants

When to prune the roses? You must do this in a timely manner so as not to damage your plants

it is the most recognizable and at the same time one of the oldest ornamental plants in the world. Probably no other flower is, has never been and will never be so admired and will not be so popular. This flower can be found in practically everyone. However, it is important to properly care for and nurture it. One of such treatments is the pruning of this plant. However, this should be done in good time.

When to prune roses? The right time is important

You only need to prune the roses once a year, that is. Even before the formation of new shoots. Usually, the appropriate time for this procedure is mid-April, although sometimes cutting can be started at the end of March, after the strongest frosts have subsided. The deadlines, however, should not be strictly adhered to, because the weather likes to surprise and we do not want to harm our plants. It is important to observe nature.

Rose, i.e. the perfect birthday, Valentine’s Day and decorative flowers. When do you trim the ones in your garden for beautiful flowers?

Garden roses should be pruned while they are dormant, before the vegetation starts. This is why you should regularly check the weather and plants. Moreover, it should be remembered that we cut roses on a dry and sunny day. In the fall season, we do not trim these flowers anymore, we only remove their dead branches and wilted flowers.

If you want a magic rose garden, remember to prune them. This has an impact on the number of flowers

Pruning the roses is very important to keep them in the desired shape and to remove dead and diseased shoots. This treatment has a positive effect on growth and abundant flowering, and we care about it. Importantly, it also affects the time of flowering, shrubs of less pruned roses will bloom earlier, will have more flowers, but they will be small, and the shoots will be weaker and shorter.

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