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They will activate 2 million new DNI accounts before May

They will activate 2 million new DNI accounts before May

In the middle of last year, the creation of the DNI Account of the Banco de la Nación was arranged, in order to bankarize citizens from 18 years of age. This will be mandatory; that is, every person of legal age will have an account of this type, whether they use it or not.

The goal for the end of this year is that 10 million Peruvians already have this financial mechanism, the president of the Council of Ministers reported yesterday, Hannibal Torresduring his presentation before Congress.

progressive activation

The general manager of the Banco de la Nación, Matthias Sternberginformed this newspaper that the activation of the account for all the target audience is not yet available, since there is a “gradual enrollment” plan.

Thus, the first two million users were through the collection of the Yanapay bonus. And in one or two months; that is, before May, a second block of two million new accounts will be activated, whose audience will be users of social programs. Then, each month other Peruvians will be included.

“We are making improvements so that the second group have access to greater benefits, not only for bonus payment. In a couple of months we should be uploading the second block (…) Most likely it will be another 2 million Peruvians and we will see how the system behaves with up to four million beneficiariesit will be gradual enrollment, ”he explained.

Principal functions

Sternberg explained that the ID account It allows making purchases in establishments associated with Vendemás de Niubiz, but it is sought to expand to more businesses.

In addition, it is sought that it be linked with other digital wallets such as Yape, Plin and Tunky of the main private banks. Currently, transfers can be made with BIM.

Likewise, work is being done so that deposits and withdrawals can be made through correspondent agents. And also to implement the payment of services such as electricity and water.

For this, the creation of a “superapp” of the same is in process National bankwithin which you will have the option to carry out the operations of the DNI Account, Pá and others.

Source: Larepublica

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