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Another Polish film became a global Netflix hit.  The world was delighted with “Against the Wind”, less Poles

Another Polish film became a global Netflix hit. The world was delighted with “Against the Wind”, less Poles

“Hel, sun, sea, kitesurfing, vacation, music and first love that will change the life of shy teenage Ania and crazy Michał surfer forever” – reads the summary of the film “Against the Wind” directed by Kristoffer Rus. This is another Polish film for young viewers. Its premiere took place on February 10 and it is safe to say that the production attracted the attention of international audiences.

Polish film is an international hit of Netflix

Viewers from all over the world spent a total of 10,710,000 hours watching the love affairs of teenagers bathing in the cool waves of the Baltic Sea. Thanks to this, the production was in the third place on the Top 10 list of the most popular non-English language films on Netflix. The Polish film was also included in the local Top 10 lists in 45 different countries, such as: Argentina, Bahamas, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Peru, Venezuela, Jamaica, Honduras, Guatemala, Uruguay, Trinidad and Tobago, Austria, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Hungary, Lithuania, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Romania, Russia, Switzerland, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Kenya, Israel, Cyprus, Maldives and Morocco.

Netflix Top 10 ‘Against the Wind’ is the international hit of Netflix

The description of the film sounds typical for summer holidays: She graduated from a prestigious high school in Warsaw and entered medicine in London. He works as a kitesurfing instructor at the seaside, thanks to which he combines earning money and passion. They will meet in Hel. The unusual charm of the boy makes the girl exceed her limits and enter a completely unknown world of kitesurfing, music and fun. The feeling that arises between them does not please her family or his friends. Is Ania and Michał’s relationship strong enough to overcome adversities and become more than just a holiday love?

Ania was played by Sonia Mietielica, and Michał was played by Jakub Sasak. Apart from them, the cast included: Waleria Gorobets, Sebastian Dela, Agnieszka Żulewska, Marcin Perchuć, Sonia Bohosiewicz, Grzegorz Małecki, Marta Ojrzyńska, Ilona Ostrowska, Kornelia Strzelecka, Jakub Kuzia, Jakub Czachor, Włodzimierz Press, Karol Dziuba. The band Bitamina and Wojciech Gąssowski appeared in the film. Julian Kijowski wrote the script.

The world is watching, Poles have their opinion

The production can be viewed quite decently on Netflix, but this does not mean that Polish viewers will remain uncritical. Karolina Korwin Piotrowska awarded the production four stars out of ten and wrote: “Scheme, scheme, banality, painful predictability, terrible dialogues and beautiful pictures, as well as beautiful characters, nothing else.” Independent critic Michał Piepiórka added a pictorial summary of the production: “Scheme, diagram, WTF?!, Nice view, diagram, interesting idea, diagram, nice view, What? Only half of the movie?!, Diagram, diagram, nice view, music” .

The user of the mariola3108 website believes that the creators managed to “perfectly convey the truth about the bloated, often highly complex ‘upper zone’ of Polish society”. In her opinion, “it is a parody of the sad life of self-righteous, wealthy doctors, lawyers, politicians and other typical ‘educators’ who build their value only from forced flattering and contenting themselves with the service of ‘ordinary people’ and realizing the apparent superiority over other creatures. of the same genre. Besides this message, the parody about the typical Hel-goers is also very sad, “which speaks.” Amarena_A adds: “A kind of banal story, but elements and moments: the joy of the young, parties, kite racing, summer, beautiful sea, interesting music and quite good dialogues, scenes played naturally”. Here, let’s add that the photos were shot by Michał Pukowiec, and the music was written by Łukasz Lach.

Cathlyn adds that the film may be schematic, but watching it does not hurt the viewer: “A bit Polish ‘Dirty Dancing’ in Hel, but pleasant and not so irritating with its banality. shouts of “hot corn, ice popcorn!” – someone did his homework and returned the Polish reality. ” It follows that this film will work, for example, as a pleasant background for ironing.

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