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Russia says it will be forced to use military-technical measures if the US does not give in

Russia says it will be forced to use military-technical measures if the US does not give in

Russia will be forced to react through “military-technical” measures in case there is no willingness on the part of the United States to negotiate security guarantees in Europe, the Russian Foreign Ministry has warned.

“In the absence of a willingness on the US side to negotiate firm and legally binding guarantees to ensure our security by the United States and its allies, Russia will be forced to react, including by implementing measures of a military-technical nature. ”, states Russia.

This warning is made by Russia in the letter that it delivered this Thursday to the United States with its reaction to the American responses to its security demands in Europe to stop the future expansion of NATO towards the Russian borders, and that was published in the account of Telegram of Russian diplomacy.

The letter with the Russian response was delivered to the US ambassador in Moscow, John Sullivan, who went today to the headquarters of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

In the document, Russia accused the United States of not giving a constructive response to its security proposals, subverting its essence and seeking advantages for Washington and its allies.

“We declare that the US side did not give a constructive response to the basic elements of the draft treaty with the United States drawn up by the Russian side on security guarantees,” says the text of the letter.

Moscow admits that the West is willing to start a dialogue on arms control and military risk reduction, but stresses that it prefers to find a “comprehensive solution” to the security issues it raises.

“Once again, we draw the attention of the American side to the fact that Russia, in the documents on security guarantees that it has submitted, has proposed to follow the path of a comprehensive long-term solution of the unacceptable situation that is developing in the Euro-Atlantic space. ”, says the letter.

To remedy this situation, Russia proposes to create a stable base for the security architecture in the form of an agreement with NATO (stating) its refusal to take further measures that harm Russia’s security.

That remains a priority for Russia, stresses Moscow

In the letter to the United States, Russia reiterates that it has no plans to invade Ukraine and “never has.”

By talking about Russia’s responsibility in the escalation in Ukraine, Washington is trying to “pressure” Moscow and devalue its security proposals, says Foreign Affairs.

In this context, to achieve a settlement of the Ukrainian crisis, Washington must stop supplying weapons to Kiev and stop conducting joint military exercises with Ukraine, indicates Moscow.

In addition, the United States must pressure Ukraine to comply with the Minsk agreements on the peaceful settlement of the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

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