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Alicia Machado breaks the silence about her daughter’s father

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The book Emma and the other narco ladies, written by the Mexican journalist Anabel Hernández continues to generate controversy. This time, the one involved was Alicia Machado, who gave some statements on the show Wake up America from Univision.

Hernandez has dedicated himself to investigate drug trafficking in Mexico and its relationship with politicians. His work has unleashed all kinds of comments throughout the country, revealing the names of women and men, members of the entertainment world, who were also related to the drug lords.

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In the journalist’s text, Machado is mentioned and the relationship he had with Gerardo Alvarez Vazquez, father of his daughter, who was captured on April 21, 2010 for being related to criminal acts and being a member of the Beltrán Leyva brothers cartel, in a confrontation with the army in Huixquilucan, in Mexico.

Machado recounted, without giving names, how your daughter has been feeling since the book was published. “My daughter, these last two or three weeks she has been quite depressed because of the book that has a number of defamations from all over the world”, he began by saying and acknowledging that it would be the first time he would talk about this topic.

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What has become of the life of the controversial Miss Universe Alicia Machado?

“She has been a little sad, but with a maturity and strength to tell me: ‘I love my dad above all things in the world’”, He added with a broken voice and making it clear that Dinorah knows perfectly well her father’s situation.

The Venezuelan also indicated that, despite everything that has been reported in the media, his daughter has not reproached him for anything and that, on the contrary, she thanked him for everything he has done for her: “She hugged me and told me: ‘I know everything you have done, during my thirteen years, to protect me from a story that is neither yours nor mine and I don’t care, I love my dad, I adore him.’”

Machado also said that his daughter currently lives with her paternal family and even, a few days ago, went to visit her sisters in California. “She was recently with her sisters in California, because she has her sisters and a paternal family that loves and adores her and I sent her there for a few days to be with them”.

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He added that the father of his daughter has also suffered a lot because he cannot spend time with her. “He loves his daughter, he adores her.” While, for her, it has not been easy to deal with everything that is said and published about the relationship she had with the drug trafficker: “It has not been easy for me to protect her from all the shit that is said. I have had to protect her like a lioness and I will continue to do so. So for the people who try to continue trying to harm us or to harm him on that side, it will cost them a lot of work, because I am going to continue protecting this love story and this wonderful daughter that I have, “he concluded. (AND)

Source: Eluniverso

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