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Eyelash conditioner. How to choose a preparation that will effectively strengthen the lashes?

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Eyelash serum: a good investment or an unnecessary expense?

An eyelash conditioner is an invention that is supposed to provide healthy, long and thick eyelashes to every woman. Why is it so important? Well, properly cared for eyelashes give the eyes a unique expression, they are their perfect setting. However, for this to happen, they must be well presented. If there are few of them, they are short and brittle, then even the best mascara will not save them. Only a conditioner can do this.

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Some time ago, hardly anyone knew about the existence of eyelash preparations. Currently, it is one of the most popular care cosmetics. It owes its popularity to high efficiency and visible effects, achieved in a relatively short time. If your eyelashes:

  • fall out,
  • are brittle,
  • they are short,
  • periodically thin out,

it is worth considering treating them with a good eyelash serum. This will allow them to strengthen, nourish and stimulate growth. However, it should be remembered that this type of therapy is time-consuming and requires self-discipline and persistence. Only regular use and following the manufacturer’s recommendations will allow you to achieve the expected results.

Which eyelash serum is the best? Homemade ways to strengthen eyelashes

Just a few years ago, there were literally a few professional cosmetic preparations for use on eyelashes on the market. This does not mean, however, that women could not cope with their prolapse before. Of course, there are natural home remedies for eyelash enhancement. The fight against this condition can be started by using:

  • applying olive oil on the eyelashes – just buy a clean brush in a cosmetic store and then slightly dip it in olive oil. The substance must be spread over the eyelashes, taking care not to let the fat get into the eyes. This procedure should be repeated for at least a month, every evening. The oil will nourish the hair and make it stronger.
  • green tea elixir – infused tea will help prevent them from crumbling, breaking and falling out. The treatment can be used any number of times, for a minimum of a month.
  • – the good old way not only for nails, hair, but also eyelashes. If applied every evening, it will visibly improve their condition, contribute to their elongation and thickening.
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Currently, cosmetics manufacturers offer us products that significantly reduce the time necessary to achieve visible results. Concentrated formulas of eyelash conditioners stimulate eyelash growth, regenerate damaged eyelashes, and contribute to the filling of defects resulting from increased hair loss. When deciding to buy a ready-made cosmetic, first of all, pay attention to its composition, how quickly it should bring the first results, but also how much commitment the treatment requires to achieve them. The more complicated the rules of application and the longer the waiting time for the effects, the greater the chances that we will abandon the use of the product during therapy without achieving satisfactory results.

Eyelash serum, or what to pay attention to when choosing a good conditioner?

The range of cosmetics available on the market is constantly expanding, which is why choosing the right one is more and more difficult. Especially if we are looking for such a product for the first time and we do not know what to pay special attention to. When looking for an eyelash serum, you definitely need to check:

  • method of application – here most of the top products do not differ much from each other: they all have a suitable brush to apply, and this operation should be repeated regularly, every day in the evening. It is very important to thoroughly clean the eyelashes of makeup residue beforehand. And here’s an important thing! In order to properly care for the hair, it is necessary to use an appropriate agent – mild, alcohol-free. Few of us realize that poor condition of eyelashes may be the result of using inappropriate cosmetics that weaken them, make them brittle and brittle.
  • conditioner and eyelash growth – some conditioners promise increased growth of eyelashes, which can be felt just two weeks after starting their application.

Eyelash conditioner: ranking

When looking for an eyelash serum, it is impossible to avoid a few top products that have gained the recognition of many users. The ranking of eyelash conditioners should include products that have been confirmed by many users. These include, among others:

  • Nanolash Eyelash Serum is a product designed for short eyelashes with a tendency to fall out; thanks to its composition, it significantly accelerates hair growth, thickens it and darkens the color. Moreover, this eyelash conditioner can also be used for eyebrow care.
  • AA Oceanic, Long 4 Lashes, Serum accelerating the growth of eyelashes – this is probably the most popular product on the market today; offers a very good value for money. The growth conditioner not only stimulates the growth of eyelashes, but also strengthens, regenerates and improves their appearance.
  • Eveline, Advance Volumiere, concentrated eyelash serum 3in1; it is a multitasking product, which is also supposed to act as a conditioner and a make-up base; all this is intended to provide comprehensive protection for the eyelashes.

Source: Gazeta

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