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Mr. Lech’s mother sent him to an orphanage. After years, he has to pay for looking after her

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Mr. Lech Jabłoński from Poznań is a 67-year-old disabled pensioner. Currently, he is entitled to a pension in the amount of PLN 2600 net. It turns out, however, that a part of this amount is spent by the man on financing his biological mother’s stay in the Nursing Home.

She has to pay extra for her stay at the resort

Mr. Lech in the past tried to contact his mother. However, when he visited her, he heard that the women had no children. A dozen or so years after this meeting, the pensioner was informed that his biological mother was in the Łódź Social Care Center. And surprisingly, he has to pay extra for her stay.

Officials did not accept the explanation that the woman had given the child to an orphanage. Mr. Lech also does not have documents confirming that the mother’s parental rights have been taken or limited. Currently, it is impossible to find them in the court archives. Mr. Lech is alone, he has not started a family, and also suffers from paresis of one leg.

“Now I have to add, and someone will take care of me?”

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The man appealed to the Local Government Appeals Court, asking for a change in MOPS’s decision. This, however, to no avail. Currently, he has to add 700 PLN per month to his biological mother’s stay in the center.

– And I don’t have children, who will take care of me afterwards? Now I have to add, and someone will take care of me? I am already 67 years old. Camera, medications, I also eat, live, and dress. Orthopedic equipment, medicines. It costs everything too. And I still have to add to a person I don’t know? No point – said Lech Jabłoński in the report.

However, Mr. Lech is not going to give up. The man will take the case to court. It is worth mentioning, however, that recently there have been some changes to the Act on Social Assistance. They can slightly change the situation of the retiree.

– A provision has been introduced that an application for exemption from payment may also be submitted by a person whose maintenance obligation or other family obligations have not been fulfilled. And here it is, of course, an additional premise – said lawyer Eliza Kuna in the “Intervention” report.

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Source: Gazeta

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