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Your goal is thick and long hair? This product costs only 2 zlotys. It thickens, moisturizes and gives shine to the hair

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is one of the most popular hair care ingredients among hair lovers. It has been extremely effective for many years in the case of health problems, especially in terms of digestive ailments. However, flaxseed and its properties are also beneficial to our hair. It can be used in several versions, but both help to moisturize and strengthen the hair, effectively making our life with them easier.

How to thicken your hair? Use linseed.

Linseed is a golden brown flax seed, which is rich in fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, protein and antioxidants, which are precious for us. Seeds and oil are often used in hair care because of their beneficial effects thanks to several ingredients. The aforementioned omega-3 acid contained in linseed affects elasticity, elasticity and hydration of the strands. The vitamin B content also improves the condition of the hair and its faster growth. Another precious ingredient is vitamin E, a well-known antioxidant that also supports hair growth as it strengthens the hair roots. Linseed also affects the hair pigment and the hormonal balance, which when disturbed can contribute to excessive hair loss. All these ingredients have a beneficial effect on their condition.

Two ways to care for your hair. Effect: thickened, moisturized and shiny hair

The most popular forms of using linseed are oil and gel. Linseed oil can be used directly on the hair as a hair mask or rinse. Warm a small amount in your hands and massage directly into the hair structure. Leave on hair for 15 minutes, then rinse and shampoo.

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The second way is to use linseed in the form of a gel, which affects the structure of the strands, especially curly ones. The gel, unlike drugstore cosmetics, does not contain silicones or preservatives, so it does not overburden them. We can apply it directly to dry hair to counteract it.

Recipe for linseed gel. Find out the perfect proportions

To prepare the linseed gel, you will need linseed seeds, preferably whole grains. In a saucepan, pour 4 tablespoons of seeds with 2 tablespoons of water and cook it for a few minutes, until it becomes a gel. When cooking, use a small fire so as not to burn the grains, stir all the time. After cooking, strain through a strainer and pour into a container. You can store the finished gel in the refrigerator.

How many times a week can flaxseed be used? Can you overdo it?

It all depends on the condition and condition of the hair and our needs related to its care. Some may use flaxseed in various forms once a week, others once a month and depending on the frequency of such effects, we can expect. Abuse of linseed does not take place, because it is an ingredient that has no side effects of its use on the hair.

Source: Gazeta

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