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February 2022 in CANAL + online. “Furioza” in episodes and what else?

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“Furiosis” is a four-episode series that will premiere on February 4 on CANAL + online (all episodes) and on CANAL + PREMIUM on February 19 (two episodes) and February 20 (two episodes).

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This is an extended version of one of the best and most popular Polish films last year (over half a million viewers in cinemas). It is a story about brutal rivalry, brotherly solidarity, love against all odds and justice that awaits almost everyone. The cast included, among others Weronika Książkiewicz, Mateusz Damięcki, Mateusz Banasiuk and Szymon Bobrowski.

What other series on CANAL + online? Premieres for February 2022

The 2019 crime drama “Manhunt” was based on facts. Based on the detective’s memoirs, the story won two BAFTAs and won a lot of popularity. So it was decided to go back to the memories of detective Colin Sutton and shoot a serial version of another of the investigations he was conducting. This time, in four episodes, we witness a several-year-long case of the serial rapist Delroy Grant, who long terrorized south-east London. The role of the criminal was played by the Nigerian actor Jude Akuwudike, and the main role of detective Sutton, as in the first season, is played by the popular British actor Martin Clunes. “Manhunt: Operation Minstead“will be available on Wednesdays, February 2 and February 9, at CANAL + PREMIUM (two episodes each) and on Thursdays, at CANAL + online.

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The crime series is also coming back with the second season “Valide“. This time the writers focused on the friends of the main character of the first series – William and Brahima. In the label they founded they are trying to promote another French rap star – this time a young girl. The premiere episodes on Fridays from February 11 at 21:00 on CANAL + PREMIUM (emission of three episodes), the entire season available from the morning of the same day on the CANAL + online service.

On February 13 at CANAL + PREMIUM the last episode of the series anthology will have its premiere “Singles planet. Eight stories“(on the same day it will also be available on CANAL + online). In this episode, Piotr goes on a trip to this city and it just so happens that it is connected with his birthday party. He does not know that his friends created an account for him as a gift” Planecie Singli “and arranged with the beautiful Dutch Sylvia. We will see Jan Sobolewski, known from the series” The Office.pl “, as Piotr, and the episode was directed by Michał Marczak (” Fuck For Forest “), known mainly from documentaries.

On February 15, the American drama series has its premiere “Ordinary Joe“(in CANAL + SERIALE and CANAL + online). The title Joe Kimbreau finishes his studies and has to choose one of three paths leading into the future. Become a policeman according to the family tradition? Follow your dreams and become a music star? Can he bet on a relationship with his girlfriend and eventually become a nurse? And here we jump a decade And we see the results of each of these three choices Here is Joe the cop, Joe the popular singer and Joe working in the hospital Three intertwining stories Three versions of life resulting from decisions from years ago Do can you say that one was better than the others?

The title role of Joe, who faces three parallel worlds and lives, is played by James Wolk. in the series “Mad Men”, “Overrated” or “Watchmen”.

There are also movie premieres

Among the film offers are, among others “Hollywood smarts“With Robert De Niro, Tommy Lee Jones and Morgan Freeman (premiered on February 5). It’s a comedy about the complicated relationship between the American mafi and film producers. Another proposition is”Bodyguard and the Professional’s Wife “ (February 26) – Samuel L. Jackson, Ryan Reynolds and Salma Hayek are cast. It’s a complicated plot in which the characters save each other’s lives as often as they want to shoot each other.

On February 27, the drama will have its premiere “There will never be snow again“A rich estate near the city. Zenia, an attractive masseur from the east, appears on it, an attractive masseur from the east, who immediately makes a sensation among the women living here. His touch delights them, and … how he looks at them. Residents of the estate immediately open up to him, and he changes their lives. ”Małgorzata Szumowska’s film was shown in the main competition of the Venice Film Festival and was also a Polish candidate for an Oscar. In Poland, it was awarded the Eagle for the best cinematography by Michał Englert.

The role of Żenia was played by the Ukrainian actor Alec Utgoff, who can also be seen, among others in the series “Stranger Things”. He is accompanied by Polish actresses Maja Ostaszewska, Agata Kulesza, Weronika Rosati and Katarzyna Figura.

Source: Gazeta

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