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This is what Maciej Stuhr’s first wife looks like. When they separated 9 years ago, there was a “public lynching”

This is what Maciej Stuhr’s first wife looks like. When they separated 9 years ago, there was a “public lynching”

Maciej Stuhr and Samanta Janas got married in 1999. A year later, their daughter was born. For 15 years, they were considered a harmonious couple, which is why fans were shocked when the couple announced their divorce in 2014.

When Maciej and Samanta got married, they were 24 and 22 years old. They were both beginners at the time. Stuhr could be seen in such productions as “Fuks” and “Wszystkie pieni±dze świata”, and Janas appeared in “Kroniki domu” and “Egzekutor”. On January 17, 2014, the media reported that the couple had already divorced.

Why did Maciej Stuhr get divorced? The media blamed Samantha Janas

The actors wanted to part ways peacefully, without media scuffles and reports. However, the press began to bring up their private matters. There was speculation that Samanta, who had started dating Jakub Krupski, was to blame for the breakdown of the marriage. – I got a kick in the face from life, there was a public lynching. Maciek and I parted ways much, much earlier than the media announced, and this time is counted in years, not months – she said years later in an interview with “Viva!”. 9 years ago, Janas and Stuhr sued 24 publishers of tabloids and websites for false publications violating their privacy. They won lawsuits against “Fakt” and Pudelek, among others. They donated one of the compensations to the Łódź Children’s Hospice.

Samanta Janas and Jakub Krupski are still together. They are fulfilling themselves musically

The couple wanted to protect , who also became the subject of media interest, at all costs. Samantha admitted that she had fought for a long time to save her marriage with Maciej. – When your beautiful and ideal relationship, in which you believed and trusted so much, unexpectedly collapses, first there is denial, disagreement and then the fight to save it. It is a natural reflex. Only with time do you understand that it is better to give up and accept defeat than to continue at all costs – she said.

Today, both have settled lives with other partners. Stuhr married dietician Katarzyna Błażejewska in 2015, with whom he has a son, Tadeusz. Janas is in a relationship with the music artist Kuba Krupski. She gave up acting and founded the synth pop band YU with her husband. On July 11, 2024, she turned 47. Both Maciej and Samantha try to maintain a good relationship for the good of their daughter. – Parents’ contact with each other should be the best possible – added the actress. If you’d like, please vote in our poll below.

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