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The journalist raised Obajtek’s blood pressure. It was about one question. “A manifestation of propaganda”

The journalist raised Obajtek’s blood pressure. It was about one question. “A manifestation of propaganda”

After months of unsuccessful summonses, Daniel Obajtek finally appeared before the investigative committee into the visa scandal. After being questioned, the former Orlen CEO gave several interviews, during which he was asked, among other things, about the expenses made by him and his co-workers using their official cards. He did not hide his indignation.

The visa scandal is still ongoing, and there is no end to it. Less than a year ago, a special investigative committee was established to clarify the matter. One of its tasks is to investigate, among other things, the issue of employing foreigners in the construction of the Olefiny III complex, an investment by Orlen, of which he was the president in 2018-2024.

The visa scandal committee questioned Obajtek. The former Orlen CEO had not responded to the notifications earlier

The politician was summoned to the hearings on this matter three times, but each time he failed to appear on the appointed date. At first, he explained his absence by the campaign conducted before the European Parliament, and later he claimed that he had not received sufficient notice. Finally, he publicly declared that if there was still such a need, he would appear before the committee. The word was spoken and on July 9, 2024, the said conversation finally took place. This, as you can imagine, caused a huge stir in the Polish media.

The journalist asked Obajtek about expenses from his official card. The former president of Orlen did not hide his indignation

After the official hearing, Daniel Obajtek gave several interviews, including “Fakt”, which decided to raise the issue of numerous expenses from his official card with him. Let us recall that the portal had previously established that the former president of Orlen had spent about one million złoty, and another board member twice as much. The list included shopping at the luxury department store Harrods in London, dental prosthetics, and… Cuban cigars.

When asked if these were actually expenses necessary for working in the company, he replied that it was a clear “manifestation of propaganda”. – This is an international company, Mr. Michał Róg was involved in international and domestic trade. His meetings were in a hundred countries and six continents – he explained, agitated. He emphasized that any purchases made from the company’s account are completely normal when you are responsible for running a business. – It is a normal procedure in business that you invite partners, because this is not an office, it is a business – the former president of Orlen summed up. If you’d like, please vote in our poll below.

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