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Promotions at Pepco continue. Popular flip-flops for PLN 17. Fashionable styles at Renee and Reserved

Promotions at Pepco continue. Popular flip-flops for PLN 17. Fashionable styles at Renee and Reserved

Pepco has promotions again, and on them fashionable flip-flops, which all of Poland admired. Braided, with a modern design, you can buy them now for 17 PLN instead of 35 PLN. This is a model for holidays and not only. I found similar flip-flops at great prices in Reserved and in Renee.

Beautiful flip-flops with a plant motif can now be found at Pepco for only PLN 17. They are now 50% cheaper and will match any style. This is a cult model that even famous celebrities were raving about some time ago. You can also find flip-flops in a similar style at Reserved and at Renee.

You can buy flip-flops from Pepco on sale. Instead of 35 PLN, you will pay only 17 PLN

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Fashionable flip-flops, which some time ago all of Poland admired, are now on a great sale at Pepco. You can buy them half the price and match them to any style. These are soft and very comfortable flip-flops that will not only slim your feet, but will also protect them from calluses or fatigue. You can now buy flip-flops for only 17 PLN.

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You can also buy cute flip-flops for the summer on sale at Renee. This color is amazing

Very nice and comfortable. I recommend!

Very neat, they look nice on the foot

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Very elegant and fashionable flip-flops in a beautiful color can also be found at Renee. They are recommended by satisfied customers, and their price is really tempting. The flip-flops are not only comfortable, but They have a beautiful, summery color that will complement any style.

At Reserved, fashionable flip-flops with elegant embroidery are on sale. The price is super low

You can also buy super fashionable flip-flops with spectacular embroidery at a very low price at Reserved. There are only a few sizes left, and you can buy flip-flops in both children’s and adult versions. This is a comfortable model that is light and comfortable for the feet. Additionally, it has a nice lining and looks great.

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