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Take a paper bag and put it on the balcony.  Before you know it, the troublesome problem will disappear for the entire summer

Take a paper bag and put it on the balcony. Before you know it, the troublesome problem will disappear for the entire summer

Wasps hanging around on the terrace, balcony or garden can be irritating and prevent us from having any pleasure in relaxing in nature. How to repel wasps at home? All you need is a very simple trick.

Wasps, although undoubtedly useful, are also tiring and bothersome. Their presence makes us feel uncomfortable, mainly out of fear of a painful bite. Probably everyone knows that it is better not to irritate wasps, just like hornets. How to get rid of wasps? Try this one

How to repel wasps at home? Find out what effectively repels wasps and bees

Traps have the disadvantage that they can also attract other, much less bothersome insects, e.g. bees. Running away at the sight of a wasp or giving up rest does not make any sense. How to repel wasps at home? The paper bag trick comes to the rescue. A wasp nest resembles an oval structure made of whitish, gray or yellowish paper. The insects produce the material by chewing on cellulose collected from old wood. They also rarely approach the nests of other insects. It is worth using this information to discourage wasps from hanging around your terrace or balcony.

Wasps How to scare away wasps? Photo Bartłomiej Barczyk / Agencja

All you need to do is use a paper bag, which you can get e.g. in a store when shopping or in a restaurant when ordering takeaway food, to make a “false nest”. Crush it a bit to make shaping easier. Arrange it in the shape of a ball, tapering towards the top. Secure the hole with thread or string and then attach the repellent on the balcony, on the terrace or on the terrace with the bottom up, so that it resembles a nest of other insects as much as possible.

How to scare away wasps from the garden? Plant these plants and they will stay away from your home

Some people advise planting it in or on the balcony basil, thyme, mint, garlic, marjoram, tansyand reach for it while relaxing outdoors eucalyptus and tea tree essential oil. These unpleasant odors for wasps will prevent them from hanging around. Above all, remember to secure waste containers and ensure their tightness, and during a garden party or rest on the balcony, cover sweet and fragrant delicacies so that their smell does not attract the attention of bothersome insects. If you feel like it, vote in our poll below.

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