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Kabosu is dead.  It was the most famous “dog” in the world

Kabosu is dead. It was the most famous “dog” in the world

Kabosu is dead.  It was the most famous “dog” in the world

Kabosu was the most famous “dog” in the world – his image was used to create countless memes. The animal was sick for a long time.

“Kabosu was the happiest dog in the world. Even now he is still smiling and laughing. He wags his tail and cuddles with me. I think he still cuddles with me,” his owner wrote in her farewell entry. The famous “dog” was 19 years old.

The famous “dog” is dead. Kabosu suffered from leukemia

“On the morning of May 24, Kabosu crossed the rainbow bridge. Thank you all for your support over the years,” she wrote. She emphasized that Kabosu passed away very peacefully, without suffering, as if he was falling asleep, “feeling the warmth of my hands that were caressing him.” She thanked for the love shown to the “dog” over the years.

In fact, the “dog” from the memes was not a “he”, but a “she”. Kabosu’s caregiver has repeatedly shared photos of the Shiba Inu dog online. On Instagram alone, the Kabosumama account has over 522,000 followers. Three other cats lived with Kabosu and her caregiver. In 2022, the caregiver informed Kabosu’s admirers that she was suffering from leukemia.

The heroine of memes, the inspiration to create cryptocurrency

One photo made the dog popular. It was used many times to create memes, in the English version the animal was called “doge”, and in Polish – “pieseĊ‚”. The owner has repeatedly proven to unbelievers that Kabosu is THE “dog”.

Kabosu also became the inspiration to create a cryptocurrency called dogecoin. It was created as a parody of Bitcoin and was used for charity purposes.

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