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They age and add years.  Not only mature women should avoid this!  5 most common mistakes

They age and add years. Not only mature women should avoid this! 5 most common mistakes

They age and add years.  Not only mature women should avoid this!  5 most common mistakes

Many people often forget that everyday habits, hairstyle or makeup can both subtract and, unfortunately, add years. Some of these things only visually age you, others actually affect the aging of your skin and significantly accelerate this process. These are the mistakes that women should avoid – regardless of their age.

Aging is an inevitable and genetically determined process. However, there are some things that negatively affect not only the appearance, but also the condition of the body. Although aging cannot be stopped completely, it can be delayed. What should you pay attention to in order not only to not add years to your appearance, but also to avoid premature skin aging?

A care mistake that ages you – not using sunscreen

According to the scientific publication entitled , by Dorota Małgorzata Wydro: “Among external factors, ultraviolet radiation is considered the most harmful to the skin. It is even believed that 80 percent of signs of skin aging are a consequence of chronic exposure to ultraviolet rays.”

Many women do not realize how important it is to apply a cream with a high filter every day. And not only during holidays, but also every day all year round. According to dermatologists and cosmetologists, this is the most effective way to protect the skin against premature aging. This is a cosmetic that the earlier we start using, the better.

They age and add years. Not only mature women should avoid this! 5 most common mistakes (illustrative photo) Anna Gawlik /

Habits that make you look old – drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes

Alcohol not only has a negative impact on the brain, but also on the overall condition of the body, including the skin. He runs, among others: to dehydration, which causes it to lose its firmness and wrinkles become more visible. Moreover, it makes the skin gray and dull, and also promotes inflammation, which accelerates the aging process. It’s similar with smoking cigarettes. The website published a text stating “over 100 reasons why you should quit smoking.” Among the arguments mentioned, there were also those related to beauty. Tobacco not only yellows your teeth and makes your skin wrinkle, making you look old faster, but it also prematurely ages your skin by destroying the proteins that give your skin elasticity, leaving your skin rough and dry.

Hair that ages – wrong color

In addition to the habits that make some people really age, there are also elements that only visually add years. One of them is the wrong hair color. Too dark and cold shades make the complexion appear grayer and wrinkles are more emphasized. The same applies to too light a shade. Then the hair may appear faded, and according to many professional hair stylists, too lightened strands can age just as much as too dark strands.

A make-up mistake that ages you – foundation that is too dark

Another element that optically ages some women is makeup. – Our cardinal sins include foundation that is too dark or improperly selected foundation – said makeup artist Kasia Wrona in an interview with us. – Too dark a foundation makes you look older, orange shades make you look older – he emphasizes. When choosing a foundation color, it is best to test the foundation on your jaw and in daylight. The lighting in stores often distorts colors – it is worth keeping this in mind.

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