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I don’t sweat at all in these pants from Reserved.  There are no better ones for work and for hot weather.  What about Tchibo?

I don’t sweat at all in these pants from Reserved. There are no better ones for work and for hot weather. What about Tchibo?

Work trousers are one of the most problematic issues in summer. Some places are not appropriate for wearing shorts, so we are looking for an alternative. Don’t worry, you don’t have to bother with jeans or wear cigarette pants all the time. Choose linen pants.

On hot days, we should wear airy fabrics. They will allow you to breathe and provide us with comfort. During this time, it is worth giving up tight-fitting jeans and opting for light, wide trousers. In addition to cotton and viscose clothes, linen will work perfectly. You can find models at bargain prices at Reserved, Terranova and Tchibo.

Reserved: wide women’s trousers. Perfect for hot weather

Linen is a cooler and lighter fabric, which ensures excellent air circulation. Natural fibers wick moisture from the skin’s surface, keeping it dry. In summer, it is worth wearing not only dresses and shirts made of this material, but also trousers. Now you can hunt them down on promotion at Reserved. There are two colors to choose from: beige and navy blue.

Sizes available from XS to XL. The model has a casual cut, an elastic waist with drawstrings and long, wide legs. Thanks to this, it adapts perfectly to the body and does not pinch anywhere. Your wardrobe must include at least one pair of linen trousers, which will come in handy when the temperature breaks another record.

Linen trousers

Terranova: loose trousers. Perfect for an elegant shirt

Linen pants are very comfortable and look stylish. They look great in combination with shirts, plain T-shirts and blouses made of the same material. They can also be easily combined with various patterns, e.g. a top with a plant or animal motif. Terranova has also prepared a promotion for linen trousers. Sizes from XS to L and three colors are available: Indian red, black, beige. The model has a dad fit cut, which is characterized by loose, straight legs, pockets and a belt with belt loops. There is an elastic band at the back of the pants, so they will fit perfectly to your waist.

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Tchibo: women’s linen trousers. The cut will wonderfully emphasize the figure

The best pants for hot weather should have a light shade. Some women are not convinced about white models because they get dirty quickly and can be see-through. In this situation, beige linen pants will be a perfect choice. You’ll find these at Tchibo. You can choose from sizes 36 to 48. The model has a modern fit, i.e. tapered legs. They do not hug the body, but emphasize the advantages of the figure.

Linen trousersLinen trousers wE&wt_uk=2aa039da9d6840198b11ddee80d2e917

The trousers are high-waisted and tied at the waist, making you look slimmer. This model, based on classic slim suit trousers, is a perfect choice when looking for the right outfit for working in the office. If you feel like it, vote in our poll below.

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