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The compasses at the bottom of the sea began to go crazy.  They determined what caused the anomalies

The compasses at the bottom of the sea began to go crazy. They determined what caused the anomalies

Strong magnetic storms are felt even at the bottom of the ocean, report scientists from Ocean Networks Canada. While we were observing the aurora borealis in the sky, the compasses placed several kilometers under the water went crazy.

Compasses placed at the bottom of the ocean, more than 3 kilometers below the surface, began to go haywire when a powerful magnetic storm hit the Earth last week. The result of this storm was the aurora borealis visible even from Poland. The ocean floor equipment is managed by Ocean Networks Canada, a national observing center owned by the University of Victoria.

A magnetic storm felt even at the bottom of the ocean. The anomalies coincide with the aurora borealis

Alex Slonimer, who deals with data at the observatory, checked whether the source of the anomaly was not an earthquake. – However, it did not make much sense, because the disruptions lasted too long and in several locations – says the scientist. – Then I checked the weather because there had been solar flares recently – he added.

Graphic showing disturbances on compasses photo: Ocean Networks Canada / University of Victoria

However, the March disruptions were to prove to be only a minor anomaly. Just how powerful solar flares are became apparent only after last week’s magnetic storm. When it hit Earth, causing the aurora borealis, the compasses at the bottom of the ocean no doubt felt it. The peak values ​​of the anomalies in the device readings coincided with the peaks of visible aurora activity.

The sun is at its maximum cycle. Disruptions can be dangerous

The sun’s activity occurs approximately in 11-year cycles. Currently, our star is in its 25th cycle maximum. This, in turn, leads to the formation of sunspots and magnetic storms. That is why the aurora borealis is so often visible in 2024, resulting from the disruption of the Earth’s magnetic field.

However, such solar activity is not only associated with beautiful effects in the night sky. , as happened in the USA during last week’s aurora borealis.

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