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“Love algorithm”.  I thought it was beneath reason and human dignity.  Even my mother got involved

“Love algorithm”. I thought it was beneath reason and human dignity. Even my mother got involved

A series about a dating reality show in Polish didn’t sound like something that would tempt me, since I don’t like watching said programs, even ironically, that is, just for fun. I was even prejudiced because it was below reason and human dignity. Meanwhile, the guys from “Emigracja xD” and the Polish version of “The Office” have created such a parody that I can at the same time bask in the feeling of moral superiority and enjoy the charms of all kinds of attractions connected with such formats.

I, the undersigned, express my official appreciation to the team of scriptwriters and the film crew of the series “The Algorithm of Love” for recording something that is theoretically a satirical form, but in principle it could be watched seriously and still have a lot of fun. As someone, and I will emphasize with boastful self-satisfaction, inexperienced by long viewings of reality dating programs, I also have an official question for the creators of the script: how much of all of this did you make up and how much of it is actually stuff taken from actual episodes of real productions? Did someone summarize it all for you, or did you just write by making things up out of the blue? I will be extremely grateful to the broadcaster of the series for providing me with information on this subject.

I resisted turning on the “Love Algorithm”. Unnecessarily

I didn’t admit it, but I didn’t believe it when my “funny” friends, whose opinions I trust the most, praised “The Love Algorithm”. Skepticism persisted for a long time, but finally, after seeing short trailers with fragments of episodes of a made-up dating program in which the participants and hosts introduce themselves, I decided to give it a try and give us a chance. In fact, I decided to experiment and watched the series with my mother unaware of what was about to happen. And this one is an exceptionally picky viewer who probably despised contemporary reality television even before she knew about its existence. Meanwhile, a few minutes were enough to get absorbed in what the creators have to offer. And they have more than you might expect.

The plot begins with a big hitch and an accident, which forced the popular dating program “The Love Algorithm” to be filmed in winter in a villa near Warsaw instead of an exotic location. The show is hosted by an unfulfilled and frustrated actor (Michał Czernecki has a great comedic talent and is unforcedly funny) who himself slightly despises what he has to do at work. The participants, in turn, are a whole host of characters embodying in a delightfully joyful way various stereotypes about the so-called “modern youth” taking part in this type of programs.

I don’t even know who charmed me the most, but I can honestly say that I saw the best role of Helena Englert, who is perfect as Dagmara. With deadly seriousness and a disco accent, she throws out bon mots about how she can’t be ashamed of her body because “it would be disrespectful to her ass”, or about how she wants to get implants because silicone looks good even after death, and she wants an open casket. Because of how delightfully Albert, nicknamed Dragon, plays here, I loved Karol Dziuba even more – he is wonderful in this role. Wiktoria Gąsiewska played Iwona no less successfully, and I also respect the idea of ​​casting Adam Zdrójkowski, with whom she appeared together in “”, in the series. Mateusz Dymidziuk was disturbingly believable as Denis (they really wrote the line for him: “Do you know what Denis rhymes with? Big pe*s!”), and Waleria Gorobets, although she spoke delightful nonsense as Wanessa, retained the dignity of a thinking person. The episodes of such actresses as Beata Ścibakówna, Dorota Chotecka, Katarzyna Borkowska, Ewa Gawryluk are very valuable – they gave the whole thing an additional touch.

“The Algorithm” is, in fact, a very efficient parody of a dating show and a spot-on satire of our media reality: brilliantly played by the cast, reliably shot and characterized, and told with aplomb. The plot neatly balances on the border of pure absurdity and really stupid ideas. It seems anchored in what has already happened in this type of programs so far. I’m even willing to believe that the real formats might be more hardcore. On the other hand, the scriptwriters are not only making fun of this, because it actually makes fun of each of us a little bit: both those who watch such television, thoughtlessly fascinated by it, and those who do it from a position of supposed distance.

In fact, you can feel that it was done largely by the same creators who worked on such series as “Emigracja xD” and the Polish version of “The Office” – wrote Łukasz Sychowicz, Mateusz Płocha, Mateusz Zimnowodzki and Marek Baranowski. For me, as a troll in love with Internet pasties, it was very important that one of the directors, next to Alek Pietrzak, was Michał Tylka, who persuaded the most famous Polish pastist Malcolm xD to film his cult paste about a father who is a fishing fanatic (not to summarize again Internet, let me add that you can read more about this topic in the texts “, ” and “”). This is important because I know that I am touched by their sense of humor and the way they implement their projects. Of course, I realize that not everyone will buy this convention. I’m also not sure whether it’s good or bad that the actors and the script reveal that they have more than two gray cells, but sometimes I hear that it’s an actor’s interpretation. Either way, watching this series is great fun, I highly recommend it, to quote the classic – a strong 2/10 (I’m joking, it will be a 7). Let us add that all episodes are available on Canal + online from May 22.

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