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I’ve been waiting for a set like this!  7 pieces for PLN 8 at Pepco – my day became easier.  Also in Kik, Action

I’ve been waiting for a set like this! 7 pieces for PLN 8 at Pepco – my day became easier. Also in Kik, Action

Are you going on a short weekend trip? Or maybe you are planning a longer trip? This set for only PLN 8 from Pepco will certainly make your preparations easier. It is extremely aesthetic and practical, and its price is amazing. Find out now what exactly it is about.

Holiday trips are fast approaching and you value good organization while traveling? I have great news for you!

Pepco travel cosmetic bag set

At Pepco I found a beautiful travel set for only PLN 8. Yes – you read that right! This unique set consists of 7 pieces of containers of different sizes – each of them will certainly make it easier for you to prepare for your trip.

Worth checking:

What exactly is included in this Pepco set? We reveal!

Various sizes of containers and applicators that will allow you to take your favorite cosmetics with you in a convenient and organized way. Whether you need a small perfume bottle, a shampoo bottle or a cream container, this set has everything you need.

Why is it worth investing in? Thanks to the variety of containers, you can plan exactly how many cosmetics to take, while avoiding excess luggage. What’s more, the set includes applicators that make it easier to apply cosmetics without having to take large, bulky packages.

Can a practical set be stylish? The answer is: “yes!”

All containers are housed in an elegant, transparent cosmetic bag, which not only looks stylish, but above all allows easy organization and quick access to products. Thanks to this, you don’t have to worry about spilling anything in your luggage.

What’s more, very similar sets perfect for travel can also be found at Action and Kik. It is a perfect combination of style and functionality.

action travel cosmetic bag setaction travel cosmetic bag set

Kik beauticianKik beautician

Therefore, if you don’t have such a practical accessory in your collection yet, it’s high time to change it!

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