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Duchess Kate’s brother is writing a book.  It will not only be about his dog.  The secrets of the royals will be revealed

Duchess Kate’s brother is writing a book. It will not only be about his dog. The secrets of the royals will be revealed

Duchess Kate’s brother, James Middleton, publishes his memoirs. The book is to be published later this year, and fragments have already appeared on the Internet. The autobiography is to include, among others: behind the scenes of the life of the royal family. What is known?

James Middleton is the younger brother. Although he lives away from the spotlight, his sister’s relationship and later her marriage to the heir to the British throne also attracted media attention towards him. Some time ago, the businessman announced that he was writing an autobiography, prompted by difficult moments in his life.

Duchess Kate’s brother is writing a book. James Middleton will talk not only about depression

“Meet Ella: The Dog Who Saved My Life”, as this is its title, is to tell, among others: about James Middleton’s childhood, but there will be other details, including: related to the royal family. The heroine is a dog, a female Ella, who has been a great support for James for 15 years. The idea to write a book came to me after my pet passed away.

When Ella passed away, I started writing down all our adventures and memories to cope with the loss

– Middleton recalled on Instagram. He never hid the fact that Ella saved his life and was a great support for him in his depression, just like his family. James himself also admitted that thanks to the dog he met his wife, and Ella “gave him a purpose in life.” In the book, he will talk about his many years of struggle with depression, but also about moments of happiness and joy. Through the book, he also wants to encourage openness in talking about mental health.

What is known about the book? There will be no shortage of behind-the-scenes views of the royal family

As the detailed description of the book published by fragments shows, it will not only be a story about James and his dog. The story will also include details about the author’s family, as well as the background of the royal family.

From their enchanting first meeting when James was 20 and numerous trips to the Scottish Highlands to their royal wedding, their journey is marked by love, loyalty and unexpected turns

– quotes Ella accompanied James everywhere, including during Kate and William’s royal wedding, Pippa Middleton’s wedding and other events. So there will be no shortage of royals-related tidbits. Fans are already rubbing their hands over juicy details, but they have to be patient. The autobiography is scheduled for release in the UK in September 2024.

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