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The three worst coffees.  You better not touch them!  Gaining weight and aging at an express pace is guaranteed

The three worst coffees. You better not touch them! Gaining weight and aging at an express pace is guaranteed

Many people cannot imagine any other way to start the day than by enjoying a cup of their favorite, aromatic coffee. Although this drink has been shown to have many health properties, some “coffee combinations” may have very unfavorable effects on our health. What coffees should we avoid?

Sugar is not only one of the greatest allies of excess weight (apart from, of course, excess weight caused by pharmacological treatment, eating disorders, mental and neurological disorders, physical injuries, hormonal disorders, etc.), but also wrinkles. Why? Well, a diet too rich in sugar, i.e. one in which we consume a significant amount of it every day, in addition to obesity, can cause inflammation inside the body, significantly increase blood pressure, blood sugar levels and triglyceride levels. And on top of that, it exposes us to oxidative stress.

What is oxidative stress? This is a condition that significantly accelerates the skin aging process, including the formation of wrinkles, loss of firmness and elasticity. More precisely, it is this a state of imbalance between the intensity of oxidative processes that stimulate the formation of free radicals and antioxidant mechanisms (i.e. the action of antioxidants). Free radicals can cause tissue damage through, among others: oxidation of fatty acids, DNA, proteins.

It turns out that the source of this state of affairs may be… the seemingly innocent coffee we drink every day. Many people cannot imagine a day without this dark drink in the morning. Attention, let’s reassure you – it’s not about the coffee itself. A typical cup of “small black coffee”, preferably classic and freshly ground, is a very good idea. It stimulates and can even effectively reduce stress levels. Studies have also shown that it can have a positive effect on blood circulation, the nervous system, and even prevent the development of age-related diseases, such as Alzheimer’s.

Do you drink coffee every day? Check what types to avoid

It’s about what we combine our favorite morning coffee with. There are certain combinations that we should avoid like the plague – so as not to expose ourselves too much to the effects of antioxidant stress and weight gain. This does not mean, of course, that we cannot afford small deviations from the norm from time to time, but they should not be components of our regular diet.

The first type of coffee that is definitely better to replace the “little black one” is coffee with sugar and fat milk. Such a load of sugar and fat, consumed regularly, may not only accelerate aging, but also contribute to the development of diabetes. Of course, this does not mean that we should skip coffee with milk every time. It will be much better if we completely give up sugar and replace fat milk with skim or almond milk without added sugars.

Some finished products consist mainly of sugar

Different kind coffee-based drinks, such as “Frappucino” or “Carmel Macchiato”, which can be found in plastic packaging in supermarket refrigerators, will also not be a good solution. Although they are pompously called coffees, they are actually full of sugar and artificial additives. Although their price may be tempting, in such a situation it is worth remembering that such a drink has little in common with real coffee.

The last point that is harmful to our health is: instant coffee in “3 in 1” sachets. They are popular during camping trips, but they can also be found in some hotels. Although the packaging usually says that the mixture contains sugar and milk, there are no natural ingredients there. It’s not real coffee either. We find there mainly artificial flavors, sugar and glucose-fructose syrup. Some experts would simply call it “coffee sugar” because it is the main ingredient in these types of products. Many of them contain only 10 percent instant coffee. And next to sugar and glucose-fructose syrup, there is usually hydrogenated palm fat.

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