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Sanah’s husband sang at her concert, but that was not the end of the surprises.  Comments: Are they 12 years old?

Sanah’s husband sang at her concert, but that was not the end of the surprises. Comments: Are they 12 years old?

The finale of Sanah’s tour took place on May 18. There were many surprises in Warsaw. The artist’s husband grabbed the microphone on stage. Not everyone liked the show.

enjoys unflagging popularity among Polish listeners. Tickets for the artist’s concerts are selling out rapidly, and the singer makes every effort to ensure that her fans do not regret a single zloty they invested in going to her performance.

Surprise at Sanah’s concert. Her husband sang to her

Regardless of whether Sanah’s listeners are going to a “feast” or a “banquet” with their idol, they can always count on special attractions. The singer provides a long, varied set, impressive stage design and numerous surprises at her concerts. Recently, a recording of Jarosław Boberek joined the artist on stage and sang “I bend boldly” with her.

The artist has just finished a double concert tour. She performed as part of the “Poetry and more” tour and the “Dancingi” series, which had a slightly more energetic atmosphere. Sanah is accompanied by her husband Stanisław Grabowski at concerts. On May 18, during the finale of his beloved tour, the artist sang a fragment of a well-known song.

Grabowski appeared on stage disguised as a hotelier and started singing a fragment of the song “We’re on holiday” performed by Wojciech Młynarski for his wife. After her husband’s performance, Sanah performed the song “Love is blind”.

Sanah and her husband are having fun at a concert in Warsaw. “They’re 12?”

Fans on stage reacted enthusiastically to Sanah and her husband’s performance, but there were less favorable comments online. When a fragment of the concert was posted on TikTok, not everyone understood the artists’ jokes. “They’re 12?” – asks one of the commenters. “What is going on here?” – another doesn’t believe it.

Sanah won’t rest for long after finishing her routes. Soon he will play a series of summer concerts throughout Poland. “Lots of sun and lots of good music – this is our definition of a cool, or even very cool, summer!” – we read in the description of the artist’s performances. Sanah’s route covers 10 cities in Poland and will start on July 18 in Koszalin. The last performance of the singer’s summer tour will take place on September 8 in Białystok.

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