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The star of “M jak mi¶æ” was 30 years younger than him.  What did they have in common?  The truth came to light years later

The star of “M jak mi¶æ” was 30 years younger than him. What did they have in common? The truth came to light years later

Bożena Stachura’s intimate relationship with Jerzy Trela ​​aroused public curiosity for years. The renowned actor and his colleague, who was more than 30 years younger than him, completed many joint projects, but their relationship also developed privately, which was often the subject of gossip. Only after his death did the “M jak Mi¶æć” star reveal what this friendship looked like from her perspective.

I met Bożena Stachura at the end of the first half of the 1990s at the Krakow theater school. She joined the student body, and he served as rector and enjoyed great recognition in the community. Already during the first classes, he was delighted with her talent, and years later he admitted that she also impressed him with her determination in pursuing her goal and extraordinary personality.

She was his student and he was her master. To play alongside Trela, Stachura moved to the capital

It is no secret that Trela ​​quickly became a real mentor, but also a warm one; he also admired her and considered her one of the best students not only of the year, but in general. Their relationship developed both privately and professionally, and at that time they appeared together in the play “The Tempest” staged at the Stary Theater in Krakow. When, shortly after obtaining her diploma, the actress learned that a colleague, 32 years older than her, had joined the cast of the National Theater in Warsaw and would play one of the main roles in the adaptation of “The Wedding”, she decided to try her hand at auditions so that she could still benefit from his knowledge. and experience. – I didn’t hesitate for a moment. I got on the train and came to fight for a job. My determination was rewarded. I was in the cast of “The Wedding”. The performance was extraordinary – years later in an interview with the portal, emphasizing that to this day he treats it as a unique distinction and honor.

The death of Jerzy Trela ​​broke her. This is how Bożena Stachura remembers her relationship with the outstanding actor

Although later their professional paths began to diverge slightly, privately they still maintained constant contact and could count on each other in difficult times. When his beloved wife died in 2015, Stachura dropped everything to be close to him and support him in his mourning. In the following years, she visited him regularly in Krakow. She kept him company at premieres and when he felt lonely or overwhelmed by problems, including health ones.

Watching you rehearse was a treat. In the theater you respected everyone equally: the porter, the dresser, the stage drivers, the stage manager, the prompter and your bandmates. Everyone was the most important. You always put yourself in the last row

– after the death of Jerzy Trela ​​on May 15, 2022. It was then that she made an extremely intimate confession, thereby denying all the rumors that had appeared over the years. According to some, Stachura was supposed to have an affair with her mentor. However, she categorically denied it, claiming that they were only for each other, or until they were together, and all the moments spent together meant that she got to know him as he was when he disappeared behind the curtain.

You loved the forest, you loved nature, peace and quiet, but you lived in constant rush and stress. You were afraid that you wouldn’t be able to do something, that you would let someone down. Work and your loved ones were the most important to you. You didn’t waste your time dealing with fame and the limelight. (…) You were the last one to leave the theater after the performance, and to be able to congratulate you on your role or get your autograph, you had to wait for hours, and you were always honestly surprised that people were standing in crowds on the street for you. You bowed first to everyone, apologized, stood modestly to the side

– the moved actress in a post published on Facebook, adding that she still cannot come to terms with his departure. If you feel like it, vote in our poll below.

Source: Gazeta

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