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Water the dying begonia with it.  It will quickly rise and be covered with flowers like never before

Water the dying begonia with it. It will quickly rise and be covered with flowers like never before

Garden begonias delight with their rich colors and stand out for their wonderful flowering. Sometimes, however, one mistake can cause them to fail. The solution will be a home-made mixture, thanks to which they will regain the desired appearance.

Begonia is a garden classic for a reason. This easy-to-grow plant takes root in a variety of conditions and doesn’t need much to thrive. It looks great both in a pot and in a flowerbed.

Is begonia a perennial plant? Cultivation, conditions and proper care

When the threat of frost disappears, i.e. in mid-May, begonias can be successfully planted in the ground. The best place will be a sunny place, but not in direct exposure to sunlight. Good choices for them are roofs, awnings, eaves, partially shaded balconies and terraces. It is worth ensuring that the soil is permeable, fertile and has a slightly acidic pH. They are perennial plants and their flowering period is in June and lasts until autumn.

What is the best fertilizer for begonias? They will return the favor with numerous flowers

Garden begonias are valued by gardeners due to their decorative values, high resistance to weather conditions and relatively low requirements. Another advantage is the long duration, almost until the first frost, and rapid growth. However, sometimes they may languish due to lack of fertilization. Fortunately, this can be easily fixed with application homemade fertilizer based on yeast, sugar and water. This way we will provide them with a lot of nutrients.

Begonias Photo by Mathias Reding

  1. Crumble 100 g of yeast in a bowl and then add 1 cup of sugar. Set aside for 1-2 hours.
  2. Pour 10 liters of warm, but not hot, water over everything.
  3. Wait until everything dissolves and you obtain a uniform liquid.
  4. The suspension will be ready for use after a week.
  5. Use the prepared fertilizer once every two weeks.

Homemade fertilizer with such ingredients will stimulate the plant to grow and increase its flowering. Moreover, begonias will more easily absorb minerals from the soil. Additionally, you will reduce the risk of illness. If you feel like it, vote in our poll below.

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