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Not “With Fire and Sword” at all.  This is the best Polish film adaptation.  One vote determined the winner

Not “With Fire and Sword” at all. This is the best Polish film adaptation. One vote determined the winner

In the history of Polish cinema, there is no shortage of film translations of the greatest classics of Polish literature. We conducted a survey to check which of the cult film adaptations our readers appreciated the most. Two productions almost ex aequo placed at the top and left the competition far behind.

For decades, filmmakers have been eagerly reaching for the most widely read novels, transferring the stories written on their pages to the screens. Polish literature, especially the classic one, also has many great works that have become a permanent part of the history of cinematography. Which of them are still the most popular among viewers?

Which Polish film adaptation is considered the best? Among our readers, two titles are almost ex aequo

We decided to ask our readers about choosing the best Polish film adaptation. In our poll, the clear favorite was “The Deluge” by Henryk Sienkiewicz, directed by Jerzy Hoffman, which received as many as 1,568 votes. Thus, it beat another production by the same filmmaker by just one vote.

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We are talking about the cult film by Tadeusz Dołęga Mostowicz, which debuted on screens in 1982. The podium was finished by “Ziemia Promised Land”, the script of which was based on the novel of the same title by Władysław Reymont, receiving 1,356 votes. The full survey result as of May 15, 2024 is as follows:

  1. “The Deluge” – 1568 votes
  2. “Quack” from 1982 – 1567 votes
  3. “The Promised Land” – 1356 votes
  4. “With Fire and Sword” – 582 votes
  5. “Manuscript found in Zaragoza” – 315 votes
  6. “Ashes and Diamonds” – 265 votes
  7. “Lalka” from 1968 – 263 votes
  8. “Pharaoh” – 239 votes

Hoffman reviews the Netflix version of “The Quack”. The creator of the cult film adaptation did not mince his words

It cannot be denied that Polish literature can be a big challenge for filmmakers and not everyone is able to translate it into the language of cinema. An example is the new version of Quack produced by Michał Gazda for Netflix. According to the creator of the 1982 film adaptation, the only thing in common with Dołęga Mostowicz’s novel is the title. – It was obvious to me that those who wrote the script had no idea about dramaturgy. Everything that is most important is happening outside the frame – during a recent meeting at the Kultura Cinema in Warsaw.

Although his version of Professor Wilczur’s story was not the first, as it was created by Michał Waszyński in 1937, many consider it to be the only correct one. As the director emphasized, the key to success is to thoroughly familiarize yourself with the original. – You can write an original script, but pretend that you are making a film adaptation, completely changing the book… Well, here’s something… – concluded Hoffman. If you feel like it, vote in our poll below.

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