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Hurry up, because they’re disappearing like hot cakes.  At CCC they are reduced by as much as PLN 175.  What’s in Zalando and Mohito?

Hurry up, because they’re disappearing like hot cakes. At CCC they are reduced by as much as PLN 175. What’s in Zalando and Mohito?

Are you looking for elegant shoes to match your spring and summer styles? Check the offers of CCC, Zalando and Mohito for lords, shoes and loafers. The former are now discounted by as much as 50 percent.

Spring and the upcoming summer are a great opportunity to refresh your wardrobe and buy something. However, we do not always have to choose sandals, because there are times when we go out in the evenings and it is already quite cold, or we plan an event where more formal clothing is required. You can now buy elegant lords, shoes and loafers at a significant discount. Check what CCC, Zalando and Mohito stores have to offer.

CCC: Gino Rossi leather lords. They disappear like hot cakes

In CCC stores you can still find leather Lords by Gino Rossi, which are selling like hot cakes. This is proven by the fact that they are currently only available in size 39. All because they are currently 50 percent cheaper compared to the first price.

CCC: Gino Rossi’s Lords CCC: Lordsy Gino Rossi, Screenshot:

Such lords are made of soft material, which protects your feet from cold and overheating. Due to the flat sole, they are very comfortable, so they can be a great alternative to stilettos and other heels if you know that the day will be intense and you will be on your feet for a long time.

Zalando: Anna Field slip-on shoes. An interesting buckle will add charm to many styles

You can also find interesting-looking brown shoes on the Zalando website. The model is finished with a decorative buckle that adds charm to the footwear. Available in three color variants and sizes from 34 to 45, they will look elegant on the foot, adding charm to many styles.

Zalando: Slip-on shoesZalando: Slip-on shoes Zalando: Slip-on shoes, Screenshot: 2211&mpp= google|v1||pla-337823277546||9061066||g|c||161674294310||pla|AN611E07N-O110038000|337823277546|1|&gclsrc=aw.ds&gad_source=1&gclid=Cj0KCQjw3ZayB hDRARIsAPWzx8ouRw0sc5XmPtbFZvBgOMlwc0Wlc0eczEDx1hJmyk_OWJg4vjOtm3IaArjzEALw_wcB

Mohito: Black loafers. Simple and convenient

In Mohito stores you can find black loafers at a promotional price, finished with a light 3-centimeter heel. If you want to choose the size for yourself, you’d better hurry up. At this moment, there are only three left to choose from.

Mohito: Black loafersMohito: Black loafers Mohito: Black loafers, Screenshot: aArsMEALw_wcB

Due to their stylish design, such elegant shoes are perfect as an addition to official, office and formal styles. They look very good with cigarette trousers, but also with suit trousers. If you are not convinced yet, you better pay attention to such shoes. Each of us should have a pair in the wardrobe, because they can be perfectly matched to many looks, both everyday and on special occasions. If you feel like it, vote in our poll below.

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