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Eyebrow lamination kit?  A home trick for PLN 2.50 will tame your Italian.  They will be thick and won’t even budge

Eyebrow lamination kit? A home trick for PLN 2.50 will tame your Italian. They will be thick and won’t even budge

Thin and plucked hair has long become a thing of the past. Laminated eyebrows are now trendy. Hair is not only visibly regenerated and nurtured, but also lifted and darkened. We have a home treatment for you that will give you similar results for pennies.

Eyebrows create a great frame for the eye. Thick, well-groomed, tamed and with color – this is every woman’s dream. No wonder that for several years now more and more women have been deciding to regularly use services in beauty salons, such as henna or lamination.

The second of the mentioned treatments involves making hair brushing easier and optically thickening the eyebrows. No wonder women are also looking for alternative and natural solutions that provide similar effects.

This home trick works like eyebrow lamination. A set of specialized products will be unnecessary

We increasingly focus on naturalness and emphasizing it. Natural care methods, which we use instead of those with unknown ingredients, are also gaining popularity. You need a product from your home cupboard, i.e. gelatin. What’s more, for 23 g we will pay approximately PLN 2.50.

  1. Pour 15 g of gelatin into the pot.
  2. Then add 50 g of hot water.
  3. Mix everything over low heat for about 5 minutes. Leave the mixture to cool.
  4. Add a few drops of olive oil.
  5. Apply to the previously cleansed eyebrow using a small brush.
  6. Give them the desired shape. Leave for about an hour.
  7. Wash it all off with lukewarm water and comb it gently.

Remember to do a patch test on your skin before use. Contraindications to home treatment include: open wounds around the eyebrows, active acne, dry facial skin, atopic dermatitis, and the use of retinol in daily facial care.

Eyebrow shaping istock/@Voyagerix

How to find your eyebrow shape? Match it to your face shape with a simple trick

Properly shaped eyebrows are a real calling card and face decoration. It not only improves your appearance, but also adds self-confidence. To discover the best one, just do a simple trick using a brush or something similar.

  1. From the outermost point of the nose, point the brush straight vertically towards the eye. This is how you will mark the beginning of your eyebrows.
  2. Starting from the next incision on the nose, where it would be pierced, apply the brush diagonally, going straight through the center of the eye; this is where your arch is naturally highest.
  3. Then, starting from the same spot on the nose, angle the brush diagonally towards the end of the eye. This is where the eyebrow arch should end.

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