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How much for strawberries?  In 2024 we will pay even half as much, but don’t be fooled.  Pay attention to one thing

How much for strawberries? In 2024 we will pay even half as much, but don’t be fooled. Pay attention to one thing

If you are wondering how much strawberries will cost in 2024, we have the answer for you. These fruits are increasingly appearing on stalls and in stores. What are the prices of domestic strawberries in mid-May?

Strawberries are unique fruits, loved and awaited by many Poles every year. Their sweet and juicy taste is inimitable. They are used to prepare preserves, baked goods, cocktails and more. As every year, the price at which a domestic product will be available is puzzling.

How many strawberries will cost in 2024? Polish strawberries are already on sale

This year, strawberries from the so-called Clouds will appear on stalls and shops a little earlier. This is related to their accelerated vegetation. Currently, there is a domestic strawberry available for sale under cover, which was not affected by April frosts. According to an industry portal prices for May 13-14 on wholesale markets range from PLN 8 to PLN 18 per kilogram. He also predicts that prices may increase for strawberries grown in the field. Losses from cold and frost were much greater in this case.

  • In Bronisze – from PLN 8 to PLN 15/kg.
  • In Wrocław – PLN 10–14/kg.
  • In Poznań on WGRO – PLN 20-36 per 2kg.
  • At Zjazdowa in Łódź – PLN 12–13/kg.
  • In Kalisz – PLN 12–15/kg.

Current strawberry prices, as compares to the previous 10 years, are currently the lowest. Compared to mid-May 2023, the price per kilogram was PLN 24.00. In 2024, in the same period, it is approximately PLN 12.50 per kilogram. . Dishonest sellers imitate the product as Polish strawberries, indicating the country of origin that is inconsistent with the actual one, provide information that is too unclear or does not do it at all. It is worth paying attention to this when shopping.

How to wash strawberries correctly? A simple trick to keep them fresh for longer

Regardless of where your strawberries come from, whether from a farmer’s market, a grocery store or a garden, proper cleaning is important. It is best to store them unwashed in the refrigerator. By keeping them in their original container without introducing moisture, the fruit can stay fresh because moisture accelerates mold growth and spoilage. Throw away any strawberries that look moldy or bruised when you notice them to prevent signs of spoilage from spreading.

How to wash strawberries correctly? How to wash strawberries correctly? Photo / Amazing Nature Photography

You can soak strawberries in a solution of water and baking soda to clean them. This product helps remove dirt, traces of pesticides and more from fresh and vegetables.

  1. Add 1 teaspoon of baking soda to 4 cups of water.
  2. Soak the strawberries in a large bowl for five minutes.
  3. Then rinse the strawberries with cold running water and dry them.

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