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There were bones everywhere.  Local residents call this place “the corpse house”

There were bones everywhere. Local residents call this place “the corpse house”

There were bones everywhere.  Local residents call this place “the corpse house”

In a picturesque place, near the lake, among the forest trees there are the ruins of a mausoleum built in the spirit of the Romantic era. The local residents call this place the “corpse house”. There are many interesting legends about the building, which are also directly related to the nearby village – Danków. What does the mysterious tomb hide?

Many curious people visit Danki to see the spooky catacombs with their own eyes. Until recently, the family remains of the owners of the Danków lands were buried here, including the Berlin canon Gustav Erdmann Kamil von Brand, for whom the building was built as a burial place.

Even though a large part of the mausoleum is covered with earth and the whole thing is seriously deteriorating, it still makes a huge impression. The beautiful rose window and layout of the rooms have been preserved. Looking at it, you can recreate its original appearance in your imagination and be truly amazed. It happens that enthusiasts of ruins and monuments camp nearby to thoroughly explore the place and, with a bit of luck, experience a hair-raising adventure.

There were bones literally everywhere. Nothing was sacred for scrap metal scrappers

After the war, the tomb was looted. Most likely, it was done by scrap metal scrappers who hoped to make a profit. They desecrated sarcophagi and stole metal objects, including coffins, and scattered the bones everywhere. Apparently, remains can still be found in the forest today.

According to the local community, the place is haunted. A headless horseman is said to be wandering around the mausoleum

The mausoleum and its surroundings are considered a haunted place. The inhabitants of Dankowice believe that the ghost of Camillus von Brandt, dissatisfied with the burial place, and a headless horseman wander there, who is supposed to protect the treasure hidden deep in the lakeside Góra Wałowa. Supposedly, it can only be found and extracted by a descendant of the Papstein family with a characteristic mark on his head. However, no one has managed to do it so far, and apparently there were many daredevils.

Not everything has been discovered yet. History is still being written

The town has existed since the 13th century and has experienced many changes and ruling families. It’s no wonder that we can find a lot of historical gems here, such as a farm, a palace, a beautiful park, stables and a mausoleum. The war left its mark on this place. Archaeologists have been coming here regularly since 2009, looking for relics of the past. If you feel like it, vote in our poll below.

Source: Gazeta

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