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Blinken asks China to “not help” Russia with the supply of defense components

Blinken asks China to “not help” Russia with the supply of defense components

The US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinkenasked Beijing this Friday to “don’t help Russia” and does not supply you with components that could be used in your war against Ukraine.

I have made it clear in the meetings that China cannot help Russia by supplying electronic, mechanical, electromechanical components and other types of Defense technology“, said Blinken in a press conference at the end of his visit to the Asian country, during which he met today with his counterpart, Wang Yiand with the president of the country, Xi Jinping.

The diplomat said that he has raised Beijing your worry “by the fact that China supply to Russia equipment that could be used in the war against Ukraine“, and assured that “Russia will find it difficult to maintain its war effort without help from China”.

Blinken He also indicated that China has to “tackle” this issue and did not rule out sanctions on Chinese companies that provide equipment to Russia.

Since the outbreak of war in Ukraine, China has maintained an ambiguous position within which it has asked for respect for “the territorial integrity of all countries”, including Ukraineand attention to the “legitimate concerns of all countries“, in reference to Russia.

In addition, Beijing has denied that he has sold weapons to Russia and assures that it maintains a “normal” commercial relationship with Moscow.

However, US officials have warned in recent weeks that Chinese companies are helping the Russian arms industry by selling equipment that could be used for the production of ballistic missiles.

It is about defending the security of Ukraine, but also that of all of Europe“, said Blinken when referring to this issue, which threatens to tarnish relations between Washington and Beijing despite the fact that, according to the North American, “Relations will make progress in recent months”.

So, Blinken He welcomed the restoration of communications between the military or in the fight against drugs, and indicated that, in his meetings with Wang, both opted for “strengthen lines of communication” for “address differences responsibly to avoid misperceptions or miscalculations”.

He American diplomat He also noted that both countries will hold their first talks on Artificial Intelligence in the coming weeks.due to the security risks involved“and that the two countries are willing to increase exchanges”to improve understanding”.

Blinken He also referred to the sea of Southern Chinaand assured that USA has to “guarantee freedom of navigation“, something that “It is not only critical for countries like Philippines but for any other nation in the Pacific and the world”.

We have shown our concern about China’s maneuvers in that sea. The United States seeks a de-escalation, but will maintain its security commitments”he said in reference to the mutual defense treaty between Washington and Manila.

Blinken He also said that he moved to Wang Yi what do you expect China can “use your influence” in countries like Iran or North Korea so that they show willingness to dialogue on regional issues.

Source: Gestion

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