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Viewers disgusted by a scene from a Disney movie cannot look at it.  “Who allowed this to happen?”

Viewers disgusted by a scene from a Disney movie cannot look at it. “Who allowed this to happen?”

Cinema is one of those places where we can clearly observe changes in our awareness and sensitivity to many topics. What was common in previous decades often today causes shivers of embarrassment, even disgust or outrage. This time, viewers remembered the movie “Millionaire in Shorts”.

Rupert Wainwright’s 1994 production is a family comedy recommended to fans of “Home Alone.” It tells the story of an 11-year-old boy who meets a trickster on the road. A man breaks his bike while escaping from the scene of a crime. He is pressed for time, so he writes the child a blank check. The 11-year-old writes it down for a considerable amount of one million dollars and since then he has been able to buy everything he had ever dreamed of. When he invests in a mansion and his own limousine, it turns out that the money he spent on a large scale belongs to gangsters.

Viewers outraged by a scene in a film from 30 years ago

The production was not a big hit even in its day. The creators aspired to the success of “Kevin”, but the story of the 11-year-old did not win the hearts of viewers. Today, few people remember that such a film was actually made. However, a TikTok user recalled the image and called the fragment of “Millionaire in Shorts” one of the worst blunders in the history of cinema.

This is about the scene of Brian Bonsall (the 12-year-old who played the main character in the film) played with Karen Duffy, an actress 20 years older than the boy. The boy on the screen is clearly infatuated with the adult woman, when they say goodbye, she leans over the kid and kisses him on the lips. Today it’s hard to believe that no one protested and the scene actually appeared in the film.

An inappropriate scene in “Millionaire in Shorts” caused a storm

The Internet is in a frenzy. Commenters on posts about the fragment of “The Millionaire in Shorts” note that all limits have been crossed here. “How on earth did my parents think this was okay?”, “This is wrong on so many levels”, “I loved this movie as a kid, and now I have problems with it”, “How did this happen?”, “What the fuck is going on?” is happening?”

Among the viewers’ comments, there were also voices that this was one of the examples of double standards. “I guarantee you that if it were an adult man and an 11-year-old girl, this scenario would have been extremely controversial even in the 1990s.”

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