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Super fashionable and so soft!  Pepco conquers this velvet set for pennies.  Also in Lidl, 4F

Super fashionable and so soft! Pepco conquers this velvet set for pennies. Also in Lidl, 4F

You don’t have to spend a fortune to look super fashionable and feel comfortable. Just go to Pepco! It turns out that in this popular store you can find many stylish gems that look like they come from an expensive boutique. Among them? Beautiful velvet set!

Have you dreamed of a stylish and comfortable set that will not only be the perfect complement to casual styles, but will also provide you with comfort in every situation? Your dream can come true in a moment! How is this possible?

At Pepco I found a divine velor set that will be perfect both at home, during trips and for walks! Its price? Only PLN 75! Opportunities like this really don’t come around often.

Pepco sweatshirt

Pepco pantsPepco pants

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I have been looking for such a comfortable and stylish set for several seasons. I found the perfect one at Pepco

A women’s velor sweatshirt with a kangaroo pocket and cuffs on the sleeves, fastened with a zipper, is a real gem among the clothes available at Pepco. Its purple color adds character, and the soft velvet material ensures unrivaled wearing comfort. It is perfect as a complement to casual styles, making every day even more pleasant. Price? Only PLN 40!

Velor pants in the same color will perfectly match this wonderful sweatshirt! You can also find this model with an elastic waistband for only PLN 35 at Pepco. Their purple color will perfectly match the top of the set, creating a harmonious whole. The elastic waistband ensures wearing comfort, and the soft velvet will hug your legs, making each step a pleasure.

Hits also in Lidl and 4F. You don’t have to spend a fortune to look stylish and feel comfortable

This velvet set is not only a perfect solution for lazy evenings at home. Thanks to its comfortable cut and stylish aesthetics, it is also perfect for trips, walks or meetings with friends. Regardless of the occasion, this set will always wrap you in comfort and add unique charm to your styling.

You can now also find very similar models in Lidl and 4F! See for yourself why it’s worth choosing them before others overtake you. Don’t wait any longer – choose a divine velor set today and enjoy the comfort and style that will provide you with many unforgettable moments!

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