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Tarantino: This will be my last film.  Also Tarantino: But not this one

Tarantino: This will be my last film. Also Tarantino: But not this one

Everyone was already greeting the goose, they were already in the garden and they were happy to hear that Quentin Tarantino would start shooting his 10th and last film in 2024. However, the director’s perfectionism made itself felt. Tarantino first rewrote the script and then put it in a drawer. And finally he gave it up completely.

believes that you have to leave the stage undefeated, and many filmmakers made a mistake and said enough was enough too late, before they retired creatively. So he promised himself and the world that he would make exactly 10 feature-length films. The director has nine films to his credit and in recent months he has been working on the script of the one that was supposed to be the closing of his authorial decalogue. He wrote it, rewrote it, cast Brad Pitt in the main role, and the studio was already planning the shooting. But no, there will be no film – Tarantino changed his mind.

Quentin Tarantino abandoned the finished script. He is looking for a new idea

The film was to be called “The Movie Critic”, take place in the 1970s, and although the plot itself concerned a film critic named Pauline Kael, she was to play an important role. Tarantino decided to recast him as stuntman Cliff Booth, whom viewers met in the film “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”. The director even said in one of the interviews that he would focus on “a guy who lived in real life, but was never really famous and wrote film reviews for pornographic magazines.”

The inspiration here came from the job Tarantino did as a teenager: he loaded porn magazines into a vending machine and emptied the change container. In one conversation, the filmmaker mentioned that all these newspapers were too disgusting to read, but one of the titles had a surprisingly interesting film section. What stood out in particular were the texts of one reviewer who, for a second-rate specialist, wrote exceptionally intelligently and bitingly about films.

There were also rumors that in “The Movie Critic”, apart from Brad Pitt, other actors and actresses known from the director’s previous productions were to return, which was supposed to be a pleasant surprise for the viewers. The fact is that Tarantino’s films are always full of surprising solutions, but probably no one expected that he would abandon the project almost at the last minute. The portal reports that he simply changed his mind and is looking for a suitable topic for his latest painting again. Commentators point out that the filmmaker has a habit of making similar changes when he deems it necessary, which has served him well in his career so far.

This isn’t the first time he’s shelved his script – he previously did the same with “The Hateful Eight.” Not because he lost interest in the project, but because drafts of the text were leaked online after he showed an outline of the story to a group of trusted actors. The filmmaker felt betrayed and discouraged, but was eventually persuaded to return to the idea. The problem is that later “Osemka” was not well received by critics and viewers – this is explained by the episode with this leak.

Tarantino is known in the industry for preparing for his productions extremely meticulously and paying attention to even the smallest details. Apart from the fact that he refines the scripts, passionately and even wholesalely refers to various iconic scenes (dialogues, scenes, frames, etc.) from other films, he selects the soundtracks very, very carefully. It must be admitted that he has an incredible sense of music.

The most memorable songs from Quentin Tarantino’s films. Many of them have a surprising history

– When I start a film, write a script or have an idea for a film, I dig through my record collection and play songs to find the personality and spirit of the film. And then ‘boom’, I finally find one, two or three songs, or that one special one, and I think to myself, ‘This will be a great opening song for the film,’ wrote the director in the introduction to the compilation of music from his films “The Tarantino Connection.” Who knows, maybe he couldn’t find the right music for “The Movie Critic” script.

More than once, his films have given old hits new life. This was the case, for example, with the song “Stuck In The Middle With You” by Stealers Wheel from 1972, which appeared in “Reservoir Dogs” (1992), specifically in the torture scene. Thanks to Quentin Tarantino’s film, the composition became very popular in the 1990s and it is safe to say that it is still quite well known thanks to this production. Let us remind you, for example, that thanks to “Kill Bill”, Nancy Sinatra’s “Bang Bang” returned to the charts with a vengeance. This production also made millions of people whistle the characteristic melody that Daryl Hannah whistled under her breath as she sneaked into the hospital where Uma Thurman’s character was lying. However, few people realize that the catchy as hell melody is called “Twisted Nerve” and was composed by Bernard Herrmann for the 1968 film of the same title. Tarantino used the motif in homage to this painting.

Basically, the entire Pulp Fiction soundtrack is an excellent hit list. The story surrounding the film’s main theme is particularly interesting. Everyone recognizes the feisty guitar melody from the opening credits. This one is called “Misirlou” and the film included a version performed by the group Dick Dale & The Del Tones from 1962. To make things funnier, the recording was originally used in another film – “A Swingin Affair” from 1963. It is not an original composition, and Armenian folk motif.

The original author is unknown, but it is known that Arab, Greek and Jewish musicians played it in the 1920s, and the oldest recording dates back to 1927. To make it even more interesting, the song serves as a background for belly dancing and as such it has its versions in Albania, Armenia, Serbia, India and Turkey. The song was popularized in the USA by settlers from those regions at the beginning of the 20th century. This song first became such a hit in 1946, when it was played by Jan August, an American pianist and xylophonist nicknamed the “one-man keyboard duo”. In fact, on a global scale, the composition became famous thanks to Dick Dale’s rock’n’roll version with an increased tempo recorded in 1962.

There are plenty of such examples, because every Quentin Tarantino film is a new musical journey. We are curious which of these soundtracks is the best in your opinion. You can vote in the poll below the text.

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