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AFP Withdrawal 2024 LIVE: when will I be able to withdraw my money and what would the process be like?

AFP Withdrawal 2024 LIVE: when will I be able to withdraw my money and what would the process be like?

After not being observed by the Executive, the procedure will be in charge of the SBS, which will supervise the efforts of the AFPs so that users can withdraw money from their funds.

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It’s official. The withdrawal of the Pension Fund Administrators (AFP) It will be a reality. This occurred after the current Government decided not to observe the norm approved by the Congress of the Republic. In this way, everything was the responsibility of the Superintendency of Banking, Insurance and Private Pension Fund Administrators (SBS)which will determine the operating procedure to request money from the AFP.

AFP Withdrawal 2024 LIVE: when will I be able to withdraw my money and what would the process be like?

When did the withdrawal of the AFP begin?

The first withdrawal of the AFP It began with the arrival of the pandemic Covid19. As recalled in 2020, the withdrawal of savings fund accounts was ordered; this measure provided relief to various people who were not working due to confinement and health danger. Since then, the situation of the AFPs in Peru has been questioned.

They send a letter to the SBS to accelerate withdrawal

The parliamentarian, Digna Calle Lobatónsent an ‘urgent’ letter to the Superintendent of Banking, Insurance and AFPSocorro Heysen Zegarra, this is so that the operational procedure to carry out the withdrawal of the AFPs.

Along these lines, the document specifies that, “there is already a history of operational procedures approved by your entity that facilitate extraordinary withdrawals,” it reads.

Officially promulgate AFP Retirement Law

This last Thursday, April 18, standard No. 32002 was promulgated, officially in the official newspaper El Peruano. This after the Executive Branch did not observe the Law and its publication was proceeded.

Executive did not observe the rule

After approval in Congress, the norm had to be observed by President Dina Boluarte, however, through the Minister of Economy, José Arista, the norm was not observed so it was decided to promulgate.

Long debate in Congress to release the AFPs

A week ago, the National Parliament debated during the plenary session the release of the 4 tax tax units (UIT) corresponding to the Pension Fund Administrators (AFP), thus, after a tense debate, the Law that authorizes the withdrawal of the AFPs was approved with 97 votes in favor, 5 against and 5 abstentions.

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