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Tear off a piece and wipe it.  The shower cabin will shine and there will be no trace of limescale left

Tear off a piece and wipe it. The shower cabin will shine and there will be no trace of limescale left

How to remove old scale from a shower cabin without spending a fortune on more cleaning products? Instead, use proven home tricks. One of them involves using a baking product. You will be surprised by the effects.

Cleaning a bathroom can be time-consuming and problematic, mainly due to the shower, taps, sink and toilet. The matter is not made easier by the scale deposited on them, which is sometimes really difficult to clean. In such situations, it is worth using heavy weapons in the form of proven home remedies. Thanks to them, you will be able to deal with unsightly sediment much faster.

How to clean limescale on a washbasin? Dip the cotton balls and apply them

The most popular stone killer is, of course, . Use it to clean your taps and showerhead and they will sparkle. However, to make it work really effectively and get into every crack, use a simple trick. Put on gloves, then soak cotton pads in the solution and apply to problem areas. Using a rubber band, you can even attach them to the end of the sink faucet. Leave for at least 15 minutes although remember to adjust the time to the level of dirt, then remove and wash everything with a sponge or cloth previously dipped in warm water. Everything will shine.

How to remove old scale from a shower cabin? How to remove old scale from a shower cabin? Photo / Gustavo Fring

What is the best way to remove scale from a shower cabin? The solution is in the kitchen

Not only the toilet or washbasin can be difficult to clean. The real challenge is a shower cabin that is not cleaned for longer, unpleasant sediment likes to appear on the walls. You can’t clean it using traditional methods, so it’s worth using slightly less conventional methods. It turns out that baking paper is perfect for this.

How to quickly remove limescale from a shower cabin? Use baking paper

The trick is to tear off a piece of parchment, fold it in half and wipe the cabin with it. Although this may be a bit time-consuming, Watching the hated residue disappear without harsh scrubbing or chemicals will certainly be satisfying. In this simple way, you can keep the cabin perfectly clean without spending money on other cleaning agents. To prevent limescale from appearing too often, remember to drain your shower regularly every time you finish using it. It is a good practice to have a squeegee at hand, which you can use to run over the windows so that not even a drop remains on them. This way, you will be able to enjoy spotless cleanliness for longer. If you feel like it, vote in our poll below.

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