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“Strong explosions” near Iranian city, activating its air defense

“Strong explosions” near Iranian city, activating its air defense

Israel would have launched an attack against Iran, in retaliation for the bombing it suffered over the weekend from that country, the US television network ABC reported, citing a senior US official.

Meanwhile, Iran’s state television reported on Friday “loud explosions” heard near the city of Isfahan, in the center of the country, and the Mehr press agency reported the suspension of flights over Tehran and other cities.

In addition, the official Irna news agency reported that authorities had activated their air defense systems in several cities in the country.

Israel had warned that it would attack Iran after that country launched hundreds of missiles and drones at it, most of which were intercepted.

Precisely, the Israeli army said this Tuesday to Iran that won’t come outunscathed” of his unprecedented attack on Saturday, April 13 against Israeli territory.

We cannot stand idly by in the face of such aggression, Iran will not emerge unscathed“said the army spokesman, Daniel Hagariduring a visit organized for the press to a base in southern Israel.

Firing 110 missiles directly at Israel will not go unpunished. We will respond when, where, and in the manner we determine.”he added.

The Israeli army showed a group of journalists one of the missiles intercepted during the Iranian attack and recovered in the Dead Sea.

Their only intention was to kill and destroy Israeli lives and Israel”declared another army spokesman, Peter Lerner.

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