‘Civil War’ is one of those movies that seems so possible that they could come true, that it’s scary. Your director, Alex Garland, makes us wonder how we got here, how we have allowed contempt for democracy and the role that the press has played in all this. It is precisely a group of journalists who travel through a country where not so long ago, uncovering a scandal like Watergate could end the career of a president. Today it would be unthinkable.

“Including the Prime Minister of my country, Boris Johnsonproven by the press to be a liar without consequences,” says Garland.

Although Boris Johnson ended up resigning, it does not seem that it will take its toll on Donald Trump, but we cannot put all the blame on Trump. We have to think about what the role of ‘the good guys’ has been in all this.

“One of the reasons why extremist groups have gained strength,” argues the director, “is because the opposition has fueled that fire“, a fire that is now difficult to put out.

Asked about the possibility of a civil war in the United States, Garland is optimistic, he does not believe it will happen soon, but he does warn about “the increase in language and ways that are dangerous to democracy” because in the American politics”we can find fascists“.

And while fascism is increasing in Europe, Spain is one of the countries where it has not yet gained such strength. “Spain seems calm,” says Garland, “you can look at your neighbors, see how extremism has grown in them and walk away“, sentence. What will happen tomorrow, we do not know today.