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A new horror that crosses all boundaries?  Conservatives outraged: “Devil”, “evil”, “desecration”

A new horror that crosses all boundaries? Conservatives outraged: “Devil”, “evil”, “desecration”

“It’s diabolical, sacrilegious, pure evil,” write American conservatives about the film, which will soon be released in Polish cinemas. Tickets for the pre-premiere screenings of “The Immaculate” cost $6.66, Sydney Sweeney appeared on the screen reading drastic passages from the Bible, and the film’s promotion was accompanied by gadgets in the form of pregnancy tests with a cross and nuns at the premiere covering themselves with covering faces with red material.

“Immaculate” is Michael Mohan’s latest horror film, which will debut in Polish cinemas on April 26. The film tells the story of a nun, Cecyia, who goes to an Italian monastery and from the very beginning she has the feeling that something is wrong there. When she discovers that she is pregnant and the doctor confirms the immaculate conception, the nuns start talking about a miracle. Interestingly, the script for the production was written 10 years ago, but it seemed too restrained to the director.

“Immaculate” with Sydney Sweeney is controversial. “Evil”, “profanation”

Mohan made the changes fully knowing that the finale would be outrageous. “Ten years ago we had completely different times, both in terms of the film and political landscape,” he explained to TheWrap. However, he explained that “Immaculata” is not a political film and does not comment on women’s rights to decide about their own bodies.

After the ceremonial premiere, there were indeed outraged voices from conservative viewers. “Diabolical, sacrilegious, pure evil and grossly offensive. It is a profanation and has a third act that spits in the face of everything that is holy. Just… evil,” it was written about the film. There were even opinions that Sydney Sweeney was insidiously pushed “into this blasphemous, satanic, feminist, pro-abortion and anti-life film that humiliates Christians. This film also humiliates Mary, the mother of Christ. Don’t bother watching it.”

The creators took advantage of the controversy surrounding the horror film “The Immaculate”. The film promotes itself

However, Sweeney not only played the main role in the production, but also bought the script herself and decided to produce it. Following suit, the filmmakers used the opinions to target critics. They placed haters’ slogans on posters and T-shirts with the “Immaculate” poster. The film industry loved this idea. Joe Russo, the Emmy-winning director of “The Avengers,” summed up the situation: “It’s the kind of reaction every horror filmmaker dreams of.”

“What if it doesn’t come from God?”, “Suffering is love”, “This is not God’s work” – shout the slogans from the “Immaculate” posters. Sweeyney apparently wanted to further stir up the controversy surrounding the film. She posted recordings of herself reading fragments of the Old Testament online.

In addition, you can find a photo of a pregnancy test on the actress’ Instagram. However, instead of lines, you can see a cross on it. In turn, at a special screening of “The Immaculate” in Los Angeles, Sydney Sweeney posed with nuns whose faces were covered with red material. Sweeney took her grandmothers to the ceremony and boasted to journalists that one of them was an extra on the set of the film and is said to be very proud of the controversy surrounding her granddaughter’s film.

Source: Gazeta

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