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What will World War III look like?  Padre Pio: “The most terrible of conflicts awaits us”

What will World War III look like? Padre Pio: “The most terrible of conflicts awaits us”

Padre Pio is a figure who arouses great controversy. For some, he is a saint to whom prophecies were given by Jesus Christ himself. For others – a religious fanatic whose life was far from the views he preached. Many years after the priest’s death, the faithful of the Church are still interested in his visions. What did he say about World War III and the end of the world? These are his visions.

What will the end of the world look like and will World War III break out? Many people ask themselves these types of questions. Padre Pio, a saint of the Catholic Church, claimed that the prophecies on this subject were given to him by Jesus Christ himself. He informed him, among other things, what the apocalypse would look like and what would happen to people then. At the beginning, however, we must point out that all predictions of mystics, saints and fortune tellers should be treated with appropriate distance.

World War III – Padre Pio’s prediction. Who was the famous stigmatic?

Padre Pio became a saint of the Catholic Church in 2002. He was born in Pietrelcina, Italy, in 1887. As he confessed, he experienced apparitions as a small boy, and when he was a teenager, he joined the Order of Capuchin Friars Minor. Already in the first years of his ministry, stigmata began to appear on his body. A popular theory is that they corresponded to the five wounds inflicted on Jesus during his crucifixion.

World War III Padre Pio’s prediction wikimmedia commons/Manfredonia

World War III – Padre Pio’s prediction

Padre Pio spoke, among other things about World War III. In his opinion, it will be even more cruel than the previous two. It could claim many more lives and cause worse destruction. Interestingly, before the war breaks out, people will be admonished to convert. However, few people will take it seriously. Padre Pio claimed that this conflict would start in southern Europe. However, he did not reveal when this would happen. It is worth noting that, according to the stigmatist, Poland will not suffer in this war.

Padre Pio’s predictions about the end of the world

Padre Pio claimed that in 1957 Jesus Christ himself appeared to him. He was supposed to describe to him what the end of the world would be like. This account shows that the apocalypse will last three days and three nights. We will then witness a “spectacle of fiery storms and rains”, and an earthquake will occur all over the world. Millions will die during this time. But what is important is that the exact date of the end of the world was not given in this prophecy.

– The night will be cold, the wind will start to roar and howl terribly. After some time you will hear thunder. Close all doors and windows and do not talk to anyone outside. Fall before the cross, repent of your sins and beg for the protection of My Mother, Padre Pio predicted. According to the vision of the Catholic stigmatist, eventually silence will come and the sun will rise, and angels will descend from heaven to the people who survived the Holocaust.

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